Truth Behind Pledge of Allegiance Arrest

Just one more case of the liberal media trying to skew a story. Recently media outlets have been reporting about the arrest of an 11-year-old student in Lakeland, FL. They claim he was arrested for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Here’s the truth on the matter. 

The event started when a sixth grade boy refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. The black student told his substitute teacher that the flag was racist and that the national anthem was offensive to black people as he refused to stand. 

The substitute, who is an immigrant from Cuba, tried to reason with the boy. When that conversation went nowhere, school officers where called to remove the disruptive boy from the classroom. 

It was then that the boy refused to comply, threatening officers and teachers alike that he would have them fired. He even went so far as to threaten the substitute teacher with violence. 

That was when he was arrested and charged with disrupting a school function and resisting arrest without violence.

Of course the liberal media would have you think this sweet cherub was simply trying to exercise his right to free speech, not making threats to hit people before he hit puberty. 

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  • madmemere
    Posted April 9, 2019 10:45 pm 0Likes

    At eleven-years-of-age, someone has “helped” him make up his mind about “allegiance, or national pride” – -probably parents, or older siblings. There is still time to help him understand the truth of the matter and, with luck, convince him otherwise.

    • Holly 94
      Posted May 28, 2019 6:26 pm 0Likes


      I read an article of a similar experience where a student was “walked through” a similar scenario, letting him know what to expect “next” as the experience proceeded, and what to say, …he went through the routine/scenario several times so as to be comfortable with those he confronted…

      I was there at that school above…, and knew the routine…having the police remove him was also part of the plan and was predicted…but what I failed to note is about the Media who would be reporting that experience to the public…there was money involved, i.e., to say specific things in return for the money…plus an agreement not to “sue”, etc for permission to say certain things.

      The article above said the parents were not there but knew it would happen and participated…

      This article here, “Truth Behind Pledge of Allegiance Arrest”…was interesting

  • al joseph
    Posted April 10, 2019 2:14 pm 0Likes

    poor bringing up

    • Rowdy
      Posted April 17, 2019 10:12 pm 0Likes

      I would definitely say that the boy was told by parents or outside influence to do what he is doing. That means that the group of people around this boy are totally anti American and have no place in our country. The conservative people of this country request that our government intervein and give all of the anti Americans a one way ticket back to their country of origin. I know that they or their kin had a country of origin, outside of the U.S. Of A., because they are not American Indian. It is time that we only allow people into our country for permanent residence, that are 100% in favor of becoming true Americans, that will believe in and honor our flag, our traditions, Our constitution, and our religions. Any one that can not do that should not be welcome in our country for more than a temporary visit. We are a Proud and strong people but the slim that has entered our government systems, The Left Wing Nut Democraps, are doing every thing they can to destroy or way of life in America.

      • Gregory
        Posted May 28, 2019 2:30 pm 0Likes

        Perhaps he is the victim of the public school brainwashing in another class, maybe the “ black history oppression techniques” or the “ American minorities history, including Chinese, black, brown and all OTW minorities oppression studies” . The classes that Obama got his education degrees in.

  • Laughing atyou
    Posted May 25, 2019 11:18 pm 0Likes

    Isnt it interesting that black children grow up believing they are so empowered they can have school employees fired. Clearly the child is well in time with his black privilege. At the same time we are continuously told there is institutional racism against blacks. Of course where you point out that affirmative action is the law of the land and is institutional racism against whites and especially white males you are told your a racist! There is institutional racism and it is clearly not against blacks.

  • Geoffrey Wing
    Posted May 25, 2019 11:37 pm 0Likes

    Left wing radicals, liberals, socialists and l could go on are trying to destroy the values our forefathers gave us. When it comes to our Country, Flag, Constitution BACK OFF. if you don’t love this country then get the hell out!!!

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