Trump Will Deliver SOTU, Dares Pelosi To Say Otherwise

The drama continues to unfold over the State of the Union address as President Trump declares that he will give speech despite Dems “security concerns.”

The story began with Pelosi inviting Trump to deliver the State of the Union to Congress. Yet a continued partial government shutdown prompted the House Speaker to send a second letter, on that advised Trump to delay the speech or give it in writing. 

Trump responded in kind with a letter of his own, one that would call for Pelosi to cancel plans to use military transportation to travel out of country.

Now things are ratcheting up again as Trump’s latest letter announces his intent to deliver the SOTU not only on schedule but in the Chamber of the House of Representatives as intended. 

This move puts the ball in Pelosi’s court and all but directly dares her to rescind the invitation. 

Trump has a solid argument. Once Homeland Security Secretary Kirtjen Nielsen stated that the department was fully prepared and capable of providing security, Pelosi’s argument was made null and void.

If Pelosi and her fellow obstructing Democrats want to try and deny the president his right to deliver the address, they’ll have to expose themselves as just looking for something else to deny President Trump.

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