Trump Leaves Sanctuary Cities Speechless!

President Trump is about to give them exactly what they asked for…

President Trump responded to reports Friday that his administration proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities by not only confirming the plan but saying it remains under “strong” consideration.

Further, the president tweeted that relocating illegal immigrants to these districts should make the “Radical Left” happy.

The comments came after The Washington Post first reported that the White House proposed sending the detainees to sanctuary cities twice in the last six months. The proposal was first floated in November amid reports of a large migrant caravan from Central America making its way to the southern border. The idea was again considered in February, amid the standoff with Congress over a border wall.

The Post said the plan was shot down both times. But on Friday, Trump signaled the proposal isn’t dead.

“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” Trump tweeted.

“The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy—so this should make them very happy!” he continued.

Trump repeated the remarks later at the White House: “We can give them an unlimited supply…let’s see if they have open arms.”

The president doubled down as Democrats fumed over the relocation idea.

“The extent of this Administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spokeswoman Ashley Etienne said in a statement Friday. “Using human beings—including little children—as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal.”

She added: “The American people have resoundingly rejected this Administration’s toxic anti-immigrant policies, and Democrats will continue to advance immigration policies that keep us safe and honor our values.”

Pelosi’s district—San Francisco—was among the sanctuary cities the administration considered sending detainees to.

White House officials, though, stressed earlier Friday that the plan never went anywhere. A source familiar with discussions told Fox News that Democrats who advocate leniency toward illegal immigrants should work with the administration to find ways to transport those set for release, including in their states and districts.

The proposal was apparently rejected both times it came up by administration immigration agencies.

A Nov. 16 email from the White House to officials at several agencies reportedly asked whether migrants could be arrested and bused to “small-and mid-sized sanctuary cities” and other Democratic strongholds.

The proposal was intended to alleviate crowded detention centers, the White House told Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The same report said “the attempt at political retribution raised alarm within ICE.” An ICE official responded, noting that there were budgetary and liability issues, but also said “there are PR risks as well.”

The source familiar with the discussions argued, however, that the White House did not view this as political retribution.

“This was just a suggestion that was floated and rejected, which ended any further discussion,” the White House told The Post.

In a statement, Deputy ICE Director Matt Albence also pushed back and said he was not pressured by the White House – though indicated such a proposal was put forward.

“As the Acting Deputy I was not pressured by anyone at the White House on this issue. I was asked my opinion and provided it and my advice was heeded. The email exchange is clear and suggesting that it indicates inappropriate pressure is inaccurate,” he said.

It is unclear, at this point, whether immigration agencies would now support the proposal.

Trump has repeatedly blasted sanctuary cities, which are areas where local authorities refuse to cooperate with federal immigration agencies. The cities are typically run by Democrats.

The president was also hit this week with questions over the administration’s past family separation policy at the border. Trump said they have no plans to revive the policy, amid renewed speculation about whether the practice could return amid a shake-up in staffing at the Department of Homeland Security including the resignation of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Kevin McAleenan, who was serving as CBP commissioner, is replacing her as acting secretary.

Nielsen’s resignation comes amid an influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Nielsen was reportedly frustrated with the difficulty of getting other departments to help deal with the growing number of families crossing the border. But administration officials told Fox News that McAleenan best fits Trump’s requirement of being the “toughest cop” on the frontier, and that Nielsen had been viewed as resistant to some of the immigration measures pushed by the president and his aides.

By Tuesday, DHS Acting Deputy Secretary Claire Grady also resigned.

And on Wednesday, Nielsen announced that ICE Acting Director Ron Vitiello would be stepping down by the end of the week.

Src: Fox News

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  • ShuttleGuy
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:30 pm 0Likes

    It’s the GREATEST idea ever! Get Er Done!

    • John T Koszalka
      Posted April 13, 2019 8:57 pm 0Likes


      • denny Taylor
        Posted April 13, 2019 9:17 pm 0Likes

        The sooner, the better. A few thousand more in SF, Then Seattle, they already have 500,000 illegals in King County according to the Seattle Times, A few thousand more pooping in the streets and their drug needles casted around, Seattle loves it, so does Jay Inslee he Governor. A few thousand more in Portland, and San Francisco also.

        • HOMAS
          Posted April 14, 2019 4:30 pm 0Likes


    • Tom Blackwell
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:02 pm 0Likes

      He is doing the right thing, he must be, he has pelosis nephew and UNFORTUNATELY the governor of California totally ranting about it, I feel that it is fantastic to show these California “politicians” ie Idiots how it feels to the people who pay their salaries for the little most of them do

    • William M
      Posted April 13, 2019 10:08 pm 0Likes

      Send all the illegals to ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’s walled Napa Valley mansion and compound. Bypass San Francisco on the way and give this worthless, lying and thieving bitch and destroyer of the one time california jewel, San Francisco, her district, by the way where she DOESN’T live in, all these undocumented persons she holds in higher esteem than the American people whom by the way she took an oath to serve and protect. The only one she serves is herself and if you don’t believe this, take a look at San Francisco, which under the liberals has become a huge, dirty, overpriced, crime ridden and unaffordable CRAPHOLE that’s recently been named the ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA due to toilet like streets reeking with the stench of garbage, used condoms, dirty needles, piss and piles of human SHIT. Let this old bitch pay for them, care for their kids, feed them, pay for their healthcare etc. This no good for American leech over the years has amassed a fortune ovf over 200 million, that’;s 200 MILLION dollars while we the American people have gotten nothing but obstruction, lies, theft and BULLSHIT. I could go on and on but what’s the point?. Time to wake up America, it’s later than you think.

      • FEDUP365
        Posted September 27, 2019 12:36 am 0Likes

        They ought to give ms. pisslousy, Gabin Newscum, maxie pads Swatters, the little freak side kick to ms pisslousy upChuckie Schlummer all their new jobs with scoop shovels and wheel barrows going around town scooping poop and don’t pay them a PHUCing dime.

    • Sandra Young
      Posted April 13, 2019 10:40 pm 0Likes

      YES!!!!!! Take Sacramento’s, they are taking advantage of our citizens, HIGH taxes, and using it for illegals to have everything!!!!!

    • Kerry
      Posted April 14, 2019 12:53 am 0Likes

      As I see it, this is going to become a real issue for the Sanctuary cities. ALL of the illegals, in their city. No Federal aid. You people want them, you have them, now care for them, on your dime. When the great bloom of illegals gets out of hand, and the criminal activities become hourly, and the sweetness of their desire becomes bitter, they will not want it any more. People that are affected by these people in terms of crime, disease, higher taxes to pay for the illegals gets to them, they’ll leave town, just like the people in Detroit, and Chicago are doing. This is a trap, for these cities, and they are to blind to see it. The President knows what he is doing. He is forcing the issue of dealing with the law, and our immigration laws. It can be illustrated like this; Tommy likes hot dogs, he craves hot dogs, he wants hot dogs morning, noon, and night, as well as for snacks. He flatly will not eat anything else. Mom and Dad say okay, this is all you’ll get, hotdogs. Before long, Tommy does not want them any more. But he keeps getting them. Before long, Tommy does not want to even see a picture of a hot dog. I use this to illustrate what will eventually come of the sanctuary cities. Once they hit the we don’t want them any more, if President Trump is still in office, he may very well say, no Federal aid, you wanted them, you have them, deal with it, on your dime. Working people leaving, tax revenue failing, tough, deal with it.

    • Harold
      Posted April 14, 2019 3:30 am 0Likes

      I wish this Blog or Web Site would cease, stop and desist from writing about – “Immigrants, &/or Migrants.” Call them what they are “illegal immigrants” – and correct the Ultra Left Communist Democratic Party, – you are accepting their pwn Democratic Party Politbureau deliberately deceptive language, which their own Communistic Leaders have deliberately made deceptive in their intent.

    • Gary Riddle
      Posted April 14, 2019 5:28 pm 0Likes

      Sounds good, but we would still have a lot of illegals to deal with in our country. We should spend the money shipping them back to their home country to apply for legal entry to the U.S. The President has the authority. This would discourse others from making the trip only to be returned. The persons sponsoring this illegal invasion are enemies of the U.S. Their goal is not about helping these poor people, it is about destroying our country. We are no only dealing with an invasion but also treason.

    • Maria
      Posted May 16, 2019 10:12 pm 0Likes

      The best idea ever is mass deportation . And end all illegal alien activity no birt right no catch and release no welfare just go home we are sick of paying for Democrat to herd cattle in for votes it must end now !

    • Howard
      Posted June 15, 2019 5:45 pm 0Likes

      I guess next November of 2020 the crazy left will be jumping off of buildings when all of the idiots on the hill are gone and Trump wins re election

  • Belinda Mitchell
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:30 pm 0Likes

    These cities and their elected officals are getting exactly what they deserve. California governor said everyone can come here so here they come!!

  • Joan Arnold
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:31 pm 0Likes

    They should take them they want them why should the southern states take all of them?

    • Thomas Briel
      Posted April 14, 2019 12:48 am 0Likes

      Yea with the DEMOCRAT terrorist group ANTIFA in Washington and Oregon all them illegal emergrints should get along fine.ho yea all you illegals don’t forget to look up Nancy Polosi while you are in California.I hear she wants all the emergrints her house can hold……..LOL!!!!!!.

  • Dennis Faulkner
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:34 pm 0Likes

    Yes! Let Sanctuary Cities deal with the huge problems of a ridiculous open border! A properly managed border is a must for a secure nation – we need to manage our country – attempt to filter out huge health threats, obviously filter out hard core criminals, and of course terrorist threats – as well as figuring out how many legal immigrants we can handle each year – while of course having a method to accept more in an actual emergency.

  • Sandra
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:37 pm 0Likes

    Beware what you wish for. You sound off about how you welcome the illegals with open arms, well ladies and gentlemen you are going to get
    what you wish for. I hope you can afford them because I don’t want you
    to get any aid from the Feds. Put your aliens where your mouth is.

  • william stout
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:40 pm 0Likes

    FOR THE UNINFORMED. Here are the states, counties and cities that have CHOSEN, and/or voted to be SANCTUARIES!!! PLEASE STUDY THE ISSUE, which is that we already have a federal immigration system. Local law enforcement should NOT be doing FEDERAL work.

    We CHOOSE to support people who are trying to better their lives; in general, hard-working,, tax-paying, family based immigrants…exactly what our country needs.

    Sanctuary Cities List

    New Jersey
    New Mexico

    Cities and Counties


    Alameda County
    Contra Costa County
    Los Angeles County
    Los Angeles
    Monterey County
    Napa County
    Riverside County
    Sacramento County
    San Bernardino County
    San Diego County

    San Francisco
    San Francisco County
    San Mateo County
    Santa Ana
    Santa Clara County
    Santa Cruz County
    Sonoma County


    Arapahoe County
    Boulder County
    Denver County
    Garfield County
    Grand County
    Jefferson County
    Larimer County
    Mesa County
    Pitkin County
    Pueblo County
    Routt County
    San Miguel County
    Weld County


    East Haven


    Alachua County
    Clay County


    Clayton County
    DeKalb County


    Benton County
    Cass County
    Franklin County
    Fremont County
    Greene County
    Ida County
    Iowa City
    Iowa City, Johnson County
    Jefferson County
    Marion County
    Monona County
    Montgomery County
    Pottawattamie County
    Sioux County


    Cook County


    Butler County
    Harvey County


    New Orleans




    Montgomery County
    Prince George’s County


    Ingham County
    Kalamazoo County
    Kent County
    Wayne County


    Hennepin County




    Hall County
    Sarpy County

    New Jersey

    Middlesex County
    Ocean County
    Union County

    New Mexico

    Bernalillo County
    New Mexico County Jails
    San Miguel


    Washoe County

    New York

    Franklin County
    Nassau County
    New York City
    Omondaga County
    St. Lawrence County
    Wayne County

    North Carolina

    Buncombe County
    Durham County
    Forsyth County
    Mecklenburg County
    Orange County
    Wake County


    Franklin County


    Baker County
    Clackamas County
    Clatsop County
    Coos County
    Crook County
    Curry County
    Deschutes County
    Douglas County
    Gilliam County
    Grant County
    Hood River County
    Jackson County
    Jefferson County
    Josephine County
    Lane Countyn
    Lincoln County
    Linn County
    Malheur County
    Marion County
    Marlon County
    Multnomah County
    Polk County
    Sherman County
    Tillamok County
    Umatilla County
    Union County
    Wallowa County
    Wasco County
    Washington County
    Wheeler County
    Yamhill County


    Bradford County
    Bucks County
    Butler County
    Chester County
    Clarion County
    Delaware County
    Eerie County
    Franklin County
    Lebanon County
    Lehigh County
    Lycoming County
    Montgomery County
    Montour County
    Perry County
    Pike County
    Westmoreland County

    Rhode Island

    Providence, Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Department of Corrections


    Arlington County
    Chesterfield County
    Fairfax County




    Chelan County
    Clallam County
    Clark County
    Cowlitz County
    Franklin County
    Jefferson County
    King County
    Kitsap County
    Pierce County
    San Juan County
    Skagit County
    Snohomish County
    Spokane County
    Thurston County
    Walla Walla County
    Wallowa County
    Whatcom County
    Yakima County

    • safari1024
      Posted April 13, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

      If you chose to accept people that are in this country illegally, good for you. There should be no problem with accepting illegal immigrants into your communities, as you have already chosen to ignore federal laws. People who live in areas who still follow federal laws should not be forced into accepting people into their communities, who should not have been allowed to sneak into the country in the first place.

    • Sylvia Drummond
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:08 pm 0Likes

      That looks like most of America

    • dave thomas
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:23 pm 0Likes

      north carolina
      county city
      buncombe asheville
      durham durham
      forsythe winston-salem
      mecklenburg charlotte
      orange chapel hill
      wake raleigh

    • FEDUP365
      Posted April 13, 2019 10:31 pm 0Likes

      In Oregon and I don’t know of anywhere else did the people get a chance to vote on if we wanted to be a dumping ground for ILLEGALS, it was dumped on us by the phucking IDIOTS who think they are in charge and they should be pulled out of office and hung for not following the Constitution. President Trump has a hell of a lot of supporters he’s going to piss off by try to dump more shit on our streets. The National Guard or the Military or the Militias need to drop a couple hundred mexicant’s approaching the border and I’d say the rest would turn and run back to where they came from and no one gets dumped on the tax paying public. Don’t give me any of that shit that they deserve a better life routine, they can wait their turn just like the Asians and European immigrants have to then they can have their better means at a life.

      • Marlo
        Posted April 14, 2019 12:59 am 0Likes

        If we are going to have to let them in anyway. Where do you think they will go? To Sanctuary cities. So what is the big fuss about.

    • Wendell Fountain
      Posted April 13, 2019 11:33 pm 0Likes

      Mr. Sout, I question your claims about Florida. I have many family members in Clay County, and that’s not what they understand.

    • Bill
      Posted April 14, 2019 5:11 am 0Likes

      Who decided all these Oregon county’s were sanctuary’s??? I sure did not vote for sanctuary status. I believe it’s time to remove these traitors from office who are responsible.

  • Paul
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:44 pm 0Likes

    Didn’t former POTUS bussed illegal immigrants to cities unknown to the public for fear of illegals being deported by dhs? So why are the socialist democrat representatives complaining about bussing to sanctuary cities. Aren’t they declared sanctuary for purpose of illegals from being deported.

  • meir
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:47 pm 0Likes

    What a great idea, if the Dems don’t want to work with the President on the immigration laws revisions, then he should send them to those special cities and the President should NOT give those cities any extra support to maintain those who came here illegally. Pelosi should love that idea and so will the people of New York..

    Posted April 13, 2019 7:48 pm 0Likes

    I have proposed this solution more than 1x in the past year. Places like NYC/NYS who have enough money 2 give “undocumented immigrants” college education certainly would welcome the new residents. I believe the mayor of Philly danced & sang when that city was declared sanctuary. New Jersey cities have declared their love of sanctuary policy So have other States IE: Hawaii/Conn/Mass etc..
    This is not including the west coast havens, which r always 1st in declaring their “open arms” policies. IE: L.A. SF OAK,SEA etc.. By everything we have heard on mainstream media shouted by the administrators of these cities/counties/states
    they must b ecstatic over this proposal.

    • Rpowdy
      Posted April 13, 2019 8:50 pm 0Likes

      I have a great ideal! Why don’t we send all the people that want sanctuary for illegal aliens to the countries that these illegals came from along with all of the illegals. That way they can all be happy together. Then the good hard working tax payers of this great nation will not be stuck with supporting all of the their crap. Do not forget all of the Left Wing Nut Democraps and Rhinos that support all of the illegals, even these elected nut cases would make a good addition to those countries. But the best thing that would happen would be the return of sanity to our country when all of the illegals and their supporters are gone.

    • Hai
      Posted April 14, 2019 12:01 am 0Likes

      Are you complaining that there are not enough sanctuaries to take care of the illegal immigrants? They always want their votes, why not just let them have them and protect their criminals. And they should n’t have federal money as they don’t work with ICE to protect our citizens. What say you?

    • Marlo
      Posted April 14, 2019 1:00 am 0Likes

      I agree. Exactly what needs to be done.

    • Conservative968
      Posted April 14, 2019 10:28 am 0Likes

      Good idea to dump them in Hawaii too!! Maybe those who voted our four BLUE representatives will start to understand the consequences of sending idiots to Congress!!

  • Dan
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:49 pm 0Likes

    I support our President 100% with his plan to send all surplus illegals, militant and sick to sanctuary cities all around our country. They want to protect these illegals, so lets have them take care of these illegals on their own economies and see how they really like that ominous responsibilities.
    The economy and illegal activities will explode numerically and implode for lack of funds to support what they have wanted. State wide cities going bankrupt all across the nation with the worst examples in the all so deserving SANCTUARY CITIES!

    • denny Taylor
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:10 pm 0Likes

      The sooner the better

    • Rebecca Dewhirst
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:33 pm 0Likes

      I completely support the president by sending these illegals to the sanctuary cities why don’t they want them what’s their problem

      • Jimmie Chesser
        Posted September 15, 2019 12:38 am 0Likes

        Poor whittle Nancy called the cops on them when they were dropped by her house she is nothing but a hypocrite and liar. Send them to obstinate new house in Martha’s vineyard massachusetts

        • Jimmie Chesser
          Posted September 15, 2019 12:40 am 0Likes

          Obama’s new house

    • Irene C Grooms
      Posted April 14, 2019 2:59 pm 0Likes

      I hope our President does this cause its what they want so give it to them

  • Tommie Walker
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:49 pm 0Likes

    I agree!!!!

    • derf
      Posted April 20, 2019 5:49 am 0Likes


  • Rachel
    Posted April 13, 2019 7:58 pm 0Likes

    Under Obama, a lot of refugees were dumped in red states and small towns. Trump just returning the favor

  • Jean Terry
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:03 pm 0Likes

    Nancy Pelosi and others should welcome illegal immigrants to their states and cities. They profess to love them and want them in the country so they should put their money where their mouth is. They don’t mind dumping these people in small towns where they are unable to cope with the influx. It seems to hypocritical to me that they are protesting this idea.

    • marlo
      Posted April 14, 2019 1:02 am 0Likes

      Exactly, this is the compassionate and humane thing to do!
      Do it now!!

  • Paul L Dionne
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:05 pm 0Likes

    Pelosi’s claim that this administration is using the immigrants as pawns falls on deaf ears as far as I’m concerned. The left had eight years to fix a problem they recognized when Obama was president, but they failed to act, so their failure to implement any viable immigration law changes convinces me that they are the one’s playing games with the immigrants!

    During the Obama reign they committed $100 billion dollars to build a section of wall to prevent their admitted border crisis from expanding, but even though the money was used, the sections of wall that was to be built was not completed. So, where did the money go??? Pelosi and other Left wing Democrats have pushed the “sanctuary city/state” movement, but now that they may get the opportunity to show how serious they were, they start crying foul because it is rumored that Trump is going to give them their wish.

    I say, bus them into the sanctuary states, counties, and cities and let them deal with the problem that they claim does not exists and I contend that we will see cries of injustice stream out of the locations that become overwhelmed with the influx of illegals. But, I also say that we need to give fair warning that the care of said individuals will be at their cost, not the rest of the Nation.

    Things need to be fixed, not just swept under the rug as the Left did throughout the Obama administration. I believe the left did nothing because they were convinced Clinton would win the election, and that they would also win both houses of Congress and would then implement broad changes, creating more ways for the immigrants to enter the Country.

    Thank God that didn’t happen as I can only imagine how many more illegals we would have pushing their way through every hole in the border.

    Posted April 13, 2019 8:08 pm 0Likes


    • Diana Brooks
      Posted April 13, 2019 11:15 pm 0Likes

      They require sponsers. Our church sponsored a Romanian family during their crisis why are the residents who desire to have members of this invasion capable of sponsorship of a family? It only requires they provide them a place to live, food to eat and Medical care as well as keeping up with them through the citizenship process and making sure they appear for all court hearings it only cost our church 30-40 thousand and a few volunteers to accomplish . Particularly Cali. With all its millionaire should be able to handle a few thousand or so! The estates like Pelosi’s also could have mini house villages on their estates and if , like Pelosi, could give them jobs.

    • Marlo
      Posted April 14, 2019 1:06 am 0Likes

      Yes I agree!! The Sanctuary Cities are the ones that want to give free college, free health care, and they would be safe with worry of been deported. It is a “no Brainer” Why are the Cnn and other news saying it is inhumane it is exactly the opposite. It not Sanctuary cities, then they will forever fear for ICE to deport them. Especially if they don’t show up to court.

      • DERF
        Posted April 20, 2019 5:53 am 0Likes

        Marlo you forgot they will get S.S also and never worked a day to add to it

  • Arlene Kittay
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:12 pm 0Likes

    I love trump

  • billy simpson
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:13 pm 0Likes

    They want them to be treated well, let’s see how they handle the illegals in their home towns ! Nancy should take a few home with her too !

    • alfons
      Posted April 16, 2019 9:17 pm 0Likes

      not only a few. She has a big land

    • derf
      Posted April 20, 2019 5:55 am 0Likes

      for a Christmas dinner lol

  • David Carlisle
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:29 pm 0Likes

    With the ‘state that the world is in’ we will ALWAYS have the poor with us (Matthew 26:11). And with the refusal mainly of the Democrats to deal with the problem of the illegals overwhelming our social services it’s a tempting idea to ship the illegals to the ‘Sanctuary cities/areas’ but it might be unworkable (it might also back-fire as many Democrats give them the ability to vote by changing the laws or just BREAKING/ignoring them).

    • Marlo
      Posted April 14, 2019 1:09 am 0Likes

      You have a good point but they will be in the Cities that already vote way far to the left. they are majority there anyway. There is no way my Republican vote in California means anything anyway.

  • Everett G Dickens
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:41 pm 0Likes

    Definitely an idea whose time has come, go for it fearless leader!

  • william
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:44 pm 0Likes

    “The extent of the Democrat’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” “Using human beings—including little children—as pawns in their warped game to Subject the American people to the invading horde of dispicables and the crimes they commit on the American people.”

    “The American people have resoundingly rejected the Democrat’s toxic immigrant policies, that Democrats will continue to advance immigration policies that keep us unsafe and living in fear of the criminal invaders.”

    • Stephen Weiss
      Posted April 13, 2019 9:06 pm 0Likes

      the DEMOCRAT party OWNS the immigration problem….never a solution from them, only cynicism and blame. Pelosi should offer a solution or shut the hell up.

      • Marlo
        Posted April 14, 2019 1:12 am 0Likes

        Nancy Pelosi …. Yikes what is her plan? We should build a non profit compound right nest to her house or really her estate with the WALL.
        What a hypocrite. Everyone should really be pushing Congress to do something or put them in their back yard!!
        No one is helping the homeless in America! Let’s give the American homeless free college with board and room. That would help American

        • Jimmie Chesser
          Posted September 15, 2019 3:21 am 0Likes


    • derf
      Posted April 20, 2019 6:00 am 0Likes

      get out and vote get the Dems out of office just don’t talk about doing it get it done we the people can do it i’ll be voting for TRUMP 2020

  • ken luckenbaugh
    Posted April 13, 2019 8:47 pm 0Likes

    I also think this is a great idea, but the president should ask “which sanctuary city would like to recieve the first 1,000 new and improved residents,,,,maybe Nancy should get the first 10,000 and Chucky the next 10,000,,,,,give each city 10,000 new residents and let them help to make it more safer and give each locality an economic boost…

  • John T Koszalka
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:00 pm 0Likes

    God Bless You, President Trump. These creatures said they would greet the illegals with OPEN ARMS, let’s watch this show. ANOTHER PROMISE KEPT BY OUR PRESIDENT.

  • Chris
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:01 pm 0Likes

    That’s why they call our President the Golden Eagle!
    He has no fear, soaring high
    and proud!

  • Robert SYLVESTER
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:02 pm 0Likes

    Absolutely – sounds like a great idea – fulfill the Sanctuary Cities wish to welcome illegal aliens with open arms – they chose to adopt the status as “Sanctuary City” – reward them all with illegal aliens – they are already dealing with their chosen status. Go President Donald Trump – 2020 !

  • Stephen Weiss
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:03 pm 0Likes

    I think it would be an excellent idea to try this on a limited basis; San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia…….three Cities where their MAYOR went out of their way to proclaim their cities as SANCTUARIES………Bus the Illegal’s there, drop them off at the downtown train station and let each of these cities respond to feed, house, and care for them. They asked for it, practically begged for it. Time to see if it actually is a negative or a benefit. If nothing else it will allow the legal citizens , who have the right to vote to decide whether their current leadership is actually representing their interests or have some other agenda. I’d love to see what 10,000 illegals would do to downtown Chicago at rush hour…..and how Chicago which is already bankrupt, and has an out of control gang problems could even begin to handle it…..Oh I know, it’d be Trump’s fault….except that is nonsense, if he does, and gives them illegal’s for their lovely sanctuary city. Talks cheap, put up or shut up.

  • Pete
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:04 pm 0Likes

    The only addition I would make would be to place these immigrants in cities where judges have ruled on immigration matters in contravention to Trump’s efforts. I’m sure Honolulu would love a big supply.

  • John Bloxson Jr.
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:05 pm 0Likes

    Send these Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States all. 103,000 Illegal Immigrants but don’t provide any more money then what the Stupid Judge had mandated at present levels. No more federal aid to Colleges and Universities that accept Illegal Immigrants. They want them let them support them. I am for Legal Immigration you want to come here do it legally .

  • John Bloxson Jr.
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:12 pm 0Likes

    Send these Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States all. 103,000 Illegal Immigrants but don’t provide any more money then what the Stupid Judge had mandated at present levels. No more federal aid to Colleges and Universities that accept Illegal Immigrants. They want them let them support them. I am for Legal Immigration you want to come here do it legally . You tell me it is posted but it still is not showing up in the Comment colomn

  • John Bloxson Jr.
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:16 pm 0Likes

    My comment still has not shown up so what is the Problem my comments were not racist, nor did I use any profanity so why then are you censoring me?

    • derf
      Posted April 20, 2019 6:09 am 0Likes

      John B don’t use caps in your email address i had that problem

  • Bill Jake
    Posted April 13, 2019 9:54 pm 0Likes

    Please do it.

  • Linds
    Posted April 13, 2019 10:09 pm 0Likes

    Absolutely, sanctuary cities want to open the borders, send them the illegals and no extra money to handle the influx. You wanted…you got it. Start in Dan Francisco please. Polosi has LOTS of room on her sprawling vineyards and mansion. Open your arms Polosi!!

  • William M
    Posted April 13, 2019 10:14 pm 0Likes

    Send all the illegals to ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’s walled Napa Valley mansion and compound. Bypass San Francisco on the way and give this worthless, lying and thieving bitch and destroyer of the one time california jewel, San Francisco, her district, by the way where she DOESN’T live in, all these undocumented persons she holds in higher esteem than the American people whom by the way she took an oath to serve and protect. The only one she serves is herself and if you don’t believe this, take a look at San Francisco, which under the liberals has become a huge, dirty, overpriced, crime ridden and unaffordable CRAPHOLE that’s recently been named the ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA due to toilet like streets reeking with the stench of garbage, used condoms, dirty needles, piss and piles of human SHIT. Let this old bitch pay for them, care for their kids, feed them, pay for their healthcare etc. This no good for American leech over the years has amassed a fortune ovf over 200 million, that’;s 200 MILLION dollars while we the American people have gotten nothing but obstruction, lies, theft and BULLSHIT. I could go on and on but what’s the point?. Time to wake up America, it’s later than you think.

    • derf
      Posted April 20, 2019 6:12 am 0Likes

      well AOC doesn’t live in the Bronz neither she lives in the North part of New YORK city she has lived there since she was 5 years old

  • Elizabeth L Davis
    Posted April 13, 2019 10:17 pm 0Likes

    Why should they have fear They will be going to the cities, states and counties that are welcoming them.

  • Radone
    Posted April 13, 2019 10:48 pm 0Likes

    Now this will show everybody how much the democrats approve of illegals in their towns and states. In front of the cameras they hoop and holler this country was founded on immigrants and we welcome all immigrants in the US and they don’t have to be legal. Now lets see how they welcome with open arms all of the illegals. Nancy Pelosi can open her gates for them as well as Kamala and Feinstein and all the democrats from sanctuary cities.

  • Richard C Shaw
    Posted April 13, 2019 11:06 pm 0Likes

    Move them off at the Court Buildings in Denver CO, Los Angels and San Francisco, CA. How can these fools think that would not be better then just turning them loose it my state of NC. which does not have a Sacuary anything except for babies.

  • Jim Ripley
    Posted April 13, 2019 11:11 pm 0Likes

    Where their are illegals, there are “Democraps” where there are “Democraps” there are Communists, as, Bernie Sanders, AOC, George Soros et,al .California kook Pelosi was the strongest advocate for Sanctuary cities. Now that Pres. Trump wants to help her out, Pelosi claims its illegal to ship illegals to a sanctuary city.What gives Pelosi ??

  • Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe
    Posted April 13, 2019 11:24 pm 0Likes

    Drop the first 20 busloads off in front of Piglosi’s mansion. Second 20 busloads in front of DeBlasio’s penthouse. The next 50 busloads in front Scotum Face Soros. Then drop the next 100 busloads in Michigan. See how the Muzslimes like illegal immigrants invading there cities.

  • Penny
    Posted April 13, 2019 11:33 pm 0Likes

    Mr. President- Mrs.Pelosi & others in her camp have declared to be soooooo supportive of Sanctuary Cites – why are they not welcoming them, housing them, and feeding them and of course employing them. There must be enough education & medical care for some new residents – why do an “about face” now?????? Mrs. Pelosi has a high, walled in piece of ground around her home to erect some temporary housing for the present!!! What in the world is the problem?????

  • Gary Hull
    Posted April 14, 2019 12:31 am 0Likes

    I sincerely hope you do it> I have been saying for the last 2 years we should bus them to San Francisco and Sacramento. Drop the,m off at the nearest state government facility. They want them so much and they are the choice to care for them! Gary

  • Len Hobbs
    Posted April 14, 2019 12:49 am 0Likes

    Former President Theodore Roosevelt once said; “A true patriot stands for his country FIRST…and his President SECOND”. I agree with that logic, but today, MY President is supporting, and standing for, MY country.
    Donald Trump is MY President. I like him. I support him. I voted for him…and will again in 2020.
    The ENTIRE Democrat party, liberals, socialists, under-achievers, selfish political activists and the LGBTQ.E.I.E.I.O.AARP and PETA gangs are blinded by hate, immorality and self loathing which fuels their jealousy and envy of the Americans who built, support, and promote this country.

  • Bruce
    Posted April 14, 2019 2:10 am 0Likes

    Some great comments fellow Americans,! Drop illegals alright, shoot the offenders that throw rocks at our security personal, that would end a lot of bulkshit! Catch any crossing and bus them to the port of entry below San Diego and March them right back in to Mexico, give Mexico some ownership since their laughing all the way to the bank. They all speak Spanish and most are uneducated so they should all get along well.
    Love the church lady who wrote in, it only cost $40,000 to bring them and get them going…….. hell yes, going on benefit programs! The research says 70 percent of illegals will stay on govt assistance for the rest of their lives! Your such a do gooder……let other tax payers pay for your moment of glory. Your faith should be with the Angel Moms in this country who have lost children to illegals and their savagery, or the women raped, We have enough scum of our own population , so why bring more in illegally. You liberals are going to financially and morally destroy our country. An immigrant comes in legally and does not break the laws set forth on entrance. Just sneaking in tells me what kind of people they are, honoranple my ass! I don’t suppose you served in the military, risked your life in warfare, so all of this means nothing to you!

  • Brian Reeser
    Posted April 14, 2019 2:11 am 0Likes

    I support President Trump 100%

    Bus the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MASSES TO CALIFORNIA, New York, Illinois, Michigan- everywhere the Demoncrats live – especially that old hag Nancy Piglosi, Chucky Schumer, Adam Schitt, AOC, let’s see how long they put up with all the hypocrisy spewing from their orifices!!!!

  • Rick Dawson
    Posted April 14, 2019 2:47 am 0Likes

    Well at Least the county where I live isn’t a sanctuary city, and I am glad of it. We are gun toting conservative Republicans that don’t hold for this kind of shit. Yes, we are Trump Supporters and don’t want to live in a third world country with a bunch of criminals leaching off hardworking people just to get a free ride in life. We work our asses off for a living and expect the same in return. Send these bastards there and let the Demo/Brat’s cry once again when they have to support them, and house them, and pay for all their mistakes just so the Liberal’s can commit more crimes like Voter fraud. They know this is the only way they can get elected.

  • dr surge s empey jr
    Posted April 14, 2019 3:16 am 0Likes

    it seems as though Texas and a few other smart states do in deed have political leaders that do have their heads screwed on right. their is legal room for illegals in the states.

    if the sanctuary states want the illegals, by all means, have a directional Port Authority officer guiding the illegals to the right bus for transport to the nearest sanctuary state and city.

  • Tetvet
    Posted April 14, 2019 3:20 am 0Likes

    The state of Maine accepted a large number of Somalians in the city of Lewiston and the city has not recovered since. Sanctuary or not, some cities had no clue of individuals from other countries making there homes in these cities. Relocate all these groups in the sanctuaries cities in California

  • Dianna
    Posted April 14, 2019 4:00 am 0Likes

    let these “sanctuary cities” take all of these people that they want BUT NO FEDERAL OR STATE MONEY! let them support them with their own money not money that should be spent on AMERICANS!

  • Judy Stinger
    Posted April 14, 2019 4:35 am 0Likes

    That’s a great idea. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats have recently said it’s immoral not to welcome all “illegals” Into the US whether they’re illegally invading our borders or not. She along with the rest of the Democrats have Clearly supported all violence perpetrated by illegals against Americans including murder. Pelosi has even refused to meet with the angel family members even though they’ve asked her tons of times to meet and discuss the slaughter of their loved ones by “illegals.“. Clearly the best place for “illegals” are self-declared sanctuary cities and states. Great idea!

  • Michael Hughes
    Posted April 14, 2019 7:17 am 0Likes

    Obama transported illegal aliens into jurisdictions all across the country, without notifying the local authorities of what he was doing or asking for their consent. The local authorities were left trying to stretch their budgets to handle their new, unwanted “citizens”. Why should Trump handle things differently? At least he knows of certain “sanctuary” areas that have already expressed their willingness to shield illegals from the federal government. Obama had no such a signal from the local governments that they approved of these unwanted additions to our populace.

    Start the motors of whatever transportation devices are necessart to speed these invaders to their various locations! The Congress is allowing the President to do nothing elee!

  • Kerry S
    Posted April 14, 2019 8:25 am 0Likes

    I agree but also would like to see all Federal Funding withheld from these sanctuary areas.

  • gilbert
    Posted April 14, 2019 9:50 am 0Likes

    yes let pusslousy take them in plus she has a wall to keep them there give the DEMAASSRATS what they want

  • Taylor Young
    Posted April 14, 2019 10:32 am 0Likes

    YES! YES! How can I put this more clearly? YES DAMMIT!!

  • Taylor Young
    Posted April 14, 2019 11:45 am 0Likes

    Sending or busing, the captured illegal migrants, to ALL of the Sanctuary Cities is a GENIUS Idea!! Francis Drunk Driving O’Rourke says if he were President he would tear down the wall. Obviously, the safety of Americans from MS-13 Gangs, from massive amounts of Drugs being walked in daily across the AZ/ Mexico border, doesn’t bother him a bit. I guess “Leaving the Scene” O’Rourke doesn’t mind how many encampments that MS-13 set up, which is likely to start out with one in every state for now, but once they establish the Child and Human Sex Trafficking routes, there will be several Gang strongholds in all the cities that lead directly to Chicago and New York, where most of the sex slaves are bought and paid for. I guess Nancy Pelosi won’t mind if ISIS terrorists blend in with the migrants so they can also set up their own Military Camps across the country, so they can await the day when they will be activated and they won’t have far to travel thanks to the Democrats. All of the people who continue to vote for these idiots should look online at their respective cities: Pelosi–San Francisco (absolute 3rd world shithole) Maxine Waters – LA County (absolute 3rd world shithole) Between the two of these mindless, selfish Democrats, both of those cities have tons of human feces on the streets of the downtown areas, tons of used syringes, both of which must be hauled away each week with about 15 dump truck loads. Concerned citizens are putting their talents to use and creating “poop maps” online so that those who absolutely must go downtown for some unGodly reason, they can be informed of where the day’s heaviest layers of human feces lay, so that people know to park on another block to avoid walking on the sidewalks with such massive amounts of filth just to get to the court house or Dr’s Office. San Francisco was once the most prized, even sung about iconic cities in America. Chinatown, Fishermans Wharf…. I used to love to go there. But, never again. You will be able to determine which party the legislators of a city belong too by whether it has 1,000’s of passed out drug addicts lying on people’s doorsteps, or along their sidewalks, who are too messed up to get to a port a potty, so they just drop trow and crap right where they stand and maybe even fall over in the process and end up just lying in it with needles stuck half way in their arms. This is the vision of your future if you vote Democrat for anything, even dog catcher as they would destroy them too. Seattle (Democrat) is now exactly the same way as I just described. Chicago (Democrat) highest crime rates and shootings but Pelosi encourages the Sanctuary City to find homes for the MS-13 Gangs members. She doesn’t care about the opioid epidemic going on across America, with the fentanyl (sp?) laced heroin that is killing 1,000’s of our country’s kids every day. The worst is the baby and toddler child sex trafficking networks, I won’t go into the description of what they do to those tormented children and babies…… I suggest you do some research on the Pedophiles in Congress both parties but mostly Democrats and across every agency, church, Police Force, CPS Agency, everywhere you look there are more disgusting, evil predators, and the Mexican border is a perfect way to sneak stolen and kidnapped victims across and it is easier right now with so many migrants rushing the border, that it is hard to watch everywhere and many more children are being sold for large amounts of money. It is the biggest money making INDUSTRY ON THE PLANET. The Democrats are phony’s who merely virtue signal, but they don’t give a damn about anyone except themselves, getting re-elected and maintaining their power. They don’t care about their own constituents, (whom they have not done a damn thing for in years) so don’t believe a word they say. They do not care about the Migrants, the children, the overdose deaths, the growing numbers of gang members and extreme violence permeating our Nation’s largest (Democrat) cities, and to top it off, they expect to live like Queens & Kings in their walled in Multi-Million Dollar homes and let you, the ones paying for everything to have to live with the hell they have created.
    So, by all means vote for another lying, virtue signalling Democrat, tear down the wall, pay for all the medical bills of the diseased Migrants and give them welfare and housing, while Americans and American Vets go without. We already have close to 20 Million Illegal Undocumented Criminals living in this country, so by all means bring as many migrants in as possible. Walls are immoral. The American taxpayer has endless amounts of money to cover the costs, our own services won’t collapse, there won’t be blood in the streets, when there are so many people all vying for the same resources at one time, start fighting over food, water and medicine. Food is going to be limited this spring and summer due to all the Flooding, Blizzards and 40 below zero temps that have destroyed all the crops and farmlands, putting farmers permanently out of business.
    Democrats never think ahead, they never follow their own thoughts all the way through to their logical conclusion and if their voters did and could see how everything they propose is a lie and just plain insanity this country would be in much better shape. Every time you hear one of them spouting some wild new deals, tearing down walls, open borders, free healthcare for all, think of Venezuala, think of their shithole cities and their daily “poop maps.” I shudder to think what will happen if we give one more Democrat a platform, a pulpit from which to destroy this country and drag us all down to the depths of despair, like the constituents in their shithole cities and I fear there will be many who just decide to take the easy way out rather than witness the carnage and devastation.

  • Deborah Kelly
    Posted April 14, 2019 11:58 am 0Likes

    You are WRONG, FRAU PELOSI!!! What exactly about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION do you NOT understand?? When the President tries to enforce policies that YOUR people, Obama and Clinton put into place, you scream and yell like an absolute idiot!!! If you love these illegals so damn much WHY aren’t they sharing in YOUR wealth and prosperity, living in YOUR neighborhoods?? I’ll tell you why…because you don’t give a tinker’s DAMN about those illegals or their families, and to pass them on the street, you wouldn’t give any of them the time of day!! The fact that they are BREAKING THIS COUNTRY’S LAWS means NOTHING to you, but what else can one expect from a Democrat!! I despise everything you represent and you are NO American!! If I had my way, you’d be drop-kicked out of the cargo hold of a C-130 over the lovely tourist spot of Afghanistan!!

  • Pilar
    Posted April 14, 2019 12:35 pm 0Likes

    Pelosi and Democrats wouldn’t help Trump to build the wall. Want open border and protect illegals. Now you will get what you wanted .Perfect Mr President.

  • David Shelby
    Posted April 15, 2019 11:53 am 0Likes


  • William Merrell
    Posted April 15, 2019 2:52 pm 0Likes

    The total hypocrisy of the “left” is being brought to the center stage. Every illegal should be brought in, required to live on the west coast for five years and if they leave that are they will agree to be returned to their country of origin without court action being required. Lets face it…san fran, l.a. and the rest of the state is being turned into “shit city” and this has been allowed because of the election of total jagoffs and people with no real moral beliefs.

  • Ronnie Smith
    Posted April 16, 2019 12:37 am 0Likes

    Trump should Flood the sanctuary cities with all the illegal immigrants and fill there cities with Drug cartel and cut off funding , Let the crimes begin , Let the drugs pour into these cities and just sit back and watch the news of all of them pissing in the streets , needles all over the streets , home less sleeping on the streets and see how it looks in the future. DO IT TRUMP

  • Joyce
    Posted April 17, 2019 2:43 am 0Likes

    Using sanctuary cities is a great idea. Personally I think George Soros who is funding these caravans should pay to house them He doesn’t care about them,!he hates Trump that’s why he’s responsible for this. I can only imagine how much welfare, crime, murders will happe, because they emptied their jails. Trump should close the border indefinitely.

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