Transgender Champ’s Racist Analogy

The first place competitor of the women’s cycling world championship has not done herself any favors trying to defend the position of transgender women in female sports.

Rachel McKinnon is a biological male who made the transition to female. Recently McKinnon asserted that both Olympian Sharron Davies and tennis legend Martina Navratilova are “transphobic,” after the two established athletes asserted that it was unfair to pit traditional female athletes against transgender females.

However, McKinnon was just warming up her crazy rhetoric. In a shocking tweet, McKinnon implied that excluding transgender women from women’s sports is akin to excluding black women from women’s sports.

As to be expected, Twitter was quick to sound off on the outrageous idea.

“False equivalence, and you know it.”

“From which gender do black women transition to become women? Your lack of common sense is astonishing.”

“You are saying the biological differences between a black and a white woman are comparable to the biological differences between a transwoman and a ciswoman?”

With many more pointing out the inherent racism in the concept.

“Black women aren’t a subspecies of women. We are not socialized as men. We do not go through puberty as men. We do not live as men. Our bodies are not male. Stop using us as props in your weak arguments. All it does is reveal your own racism.”

“He is a white man identifying as a white woman claiming black women are exactly the same as whole ass men who transition! I think the f*** not! Take that racist and anti women men’s rights stuff [somewhere] else cause this good black sis is not buying it!”

If McKinnon thought this might further the cause of transgender athletes she is sorely mistaken. 

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  • Zakkova
    Posted March 25, 2019 10:48 pm 0Likes

    This motherfucker belongs in a mental institution with all of the other transgender physcos.

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