Top Republican Sends DEVASTATING News To Liberal Organization

Here’s what he said…

During a broadcasting, Senator John Kennedy stated that the U.S. should team up with other nations and force the W.H.O to do a full investigation on the real origins of coronavirus.

He said, “Now, if we’re going to find out what happened, if we’re going to get to the bottom of the origins of the coronavirus, we are going to have to go Catwoman on the World Health Organization. and by that, I mean you’ve got to take away their money. And what President Biden needs to do is join with Canada and Australia and Japan and South Korea and Great Britain and every other country that puts up money for the W.H.O. and go to Dr. Tedros and say, look, we’re not giving you any more money until you demand that China allow in an independent group of researchers to have unfettered discretion to find out whether the virus leaked from a lab and to find out its origin. Otherwise, we’re never going to get to the bottom of this and Dr. Tedros is just going to go along happy with the status quo.”

Read the full story and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Newsweek

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