Thief Thwarted By 8-Year-Old

An 8-year-old boy is being heralded as a hero after he saved his older sister from being kidnapped.

It all began when 69-year-old Nita Coburn drove a friend to the Atrium Medical Center in Ohio.

Coburn parked the car at the service entrance and exited to help her friend to the door, leaving her 10 year-old granddaughter and 8-year-old grandson in the back seat. 

But seconds after Coburn got out of the car, 24-year-old Dalvir Singh jumped into the drivers seat and attempted to speed away with the children inside. 

That’s when the young boy took action.

“The little boy opened the door to escape and the little girl started to jump out also but the man grabbed the hoodie of the little girl not allowing her to leave,” Ohio police shared on Facebook. “As she tried to get away, her little brother grabbed hold of her and pulled her away from the kidnapper and they both tumbled out of the vehicle as it was moving.”

“This little guy is a hero. No question,” said Chief Rodney Muterspaw in a statement. “He pulled his sister out of the car with no concern for his own safety. That is incredible at his age.”

With that act both children were saved from imminent danger and the criminal was apprehended not long after. He faces two counts of kidnapping, felonious assault and grand theft charges. 

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    You may have damaged the Demoncrat’s self esteem. Oh, the shame of it all!

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