The View Calls Unhappy Americans RACIST

This is what idiots do, resort to senseless name calling.

Today on ABC’s “The View,” co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin called the protesters in Lansing, Michigan, racist for opposing the stay-at-home order issued Gov.Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

According to Breitbart, Co-host Whoopi Goldberg stated, “Yesterday residents of Michigan, one of the hardest-hit states, defied local distancing regulations to stage protests demanding that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ease restrictions, even chanting ‘lock her up.’ What did y’all make of this when you saw it? What about you, Sunny? Let’s start with you.”

Hostin responded, “Well, I was trying to figure out why there were Confederate flags flying around during the — being waved around during this alleged protest just because I couldn’t figure out what that had to do with the coronavirus.”

Adding, “I mean if you are indeed upset about the stay-at-home order, I can understand that because it is probably, I think the most restrictive in the country. People are very concerned about that. I get that. But I guess I just didn’t understand the manner within which it was done. Everybody was close together. People were getting out of their cars. They were waving the Confederate flag. I thought rather than it becoming sort of a stay-at-home order protest. It seemed to become some sort of racist protest.” You can watch a clip of Hostin’s comments here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  • Terry L Gherardi
    Posted April 17, 2020 12:26 am 0Likes

    I don’t know why Barbara Walters & ABC are continuing to air this show. While we look for a cure for coronavirus, I hope they will find a cure to “fix stupid”, because it is a disease that is spreading like wildfire infecting elitists celebrities, the mainstream media, and definitely in the democrat offices of the U.S. House & Senate. Yes, you Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer.

    • cathey
      Posted April 17, 2020 4:36 am 0Likes

      i made a commit but they didn’t post it , but i agree with you 100%

    • Philip Simon
      Posted April 19, 2020 10:01 pm 0Likes

      Yes the view, I am a unhappy Jew, I am a deplorable, a racist and if you do not like it, kiss my ass.

  • cathey
    Posted April 17, 2020 4:34 am 0Likes

    The View is the most racist show i have ever seen and Joy is a poor excuse for a human being i have ever seen but that’s all you can expect from a democrat pure trash

  • jsccats
    Posted April 17, 2020 4:10 pm 0Likes

    The anti male, anti white anti American idiots on the View only have one response to anything which is “racist” since they have no arguments. to support their positions and no actual facts.

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