Senator TEARS Apart Greedy Liberals

Nothing will stand in his way.

During an airing of “Hannity,” Sen. John Kennedy put his foot down on anyone trying to use the education system as a pawn.

Kennedy stated, “America is going through a rough patch right now, Sean. Some people seem to be enjoying it. Maybe they just hate America. They just enjoy watching the world burn. I think some are — are liking the chaos because they think it gives them a political advantage. Part of that chaos is being caused by our school closing. For our kids, we need to open them. I can promise you for many of our kids — keeping these schools closed is going to hurt them far worse than the coronavirus can.”

He continued saying, “France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Vietnam, even Vietnam have opened their schools. And they have done it safely and we can too and we should too. And if I can say one other thing — I know some people in good faith disagree with me, and I respect that. Let’s have the debate. But there are some people who want to keep our schools closed because they think it gives them a political advantage. And they are using our kids as political pawns.”

Kennedy ended saying, “And to them I say, unashamedly, they can kiss my ass. That’s wrong to do that the kids of America. Not the people in good faith, but those who are enjoying the chaos because they think it’s going to help them in November.”

It unbelievable that some would use children to further their political gain. Watch a clip of the statements here.

Image Credit: Britannica

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  • Pj
    Posted July 14, 2020 10:56 pm 0Likes

    He is right. The left want our children stupid. Thinking anyone would vote for the Democrat socialist fascist nazi party. But our college kids are so dumb down who knows what they might do. Hey parents how about finding out what your kids think. If not it’s your fault when America ‘s freedoms are destroyed because of your stupidity.

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