Senate Committee Caves To Democrats Obstruction

In another blow to the President, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has decided in favor of postponing the vote for William Barr, Trump’s choice for attorney general.

The committee’s chairman, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham shared that the vote will now be held on Feb. 5. 

The move is likely meant to allow Democrats more time to badger Barr. They would like to know whether or not he will roll over and share all the details of the Mueller Investigation with them.

Dems collectively gasped when Barr alluded that he might not divulge all of the investigations details with the public, noting that Justice Department regulations that discourage prosecutors from criticizing individuals who are not charged with criminal behavior. 

Barr also gave testimony this year that he would shield the probe from political interference and thus allow Mueller to finish the investigation.

Despite this delay, Barr is expected to be confirmed by the Republican-lead Senate. That is as soon as Democrats stop trying to block him in the Judiciary Committee.

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