President Trump RESPONDS To AG Barr’s Stop Tweeting Comment

Here’s what the president had to say…

After news broke of Attorney General William Barr telling ABC’s Pierre Thomas that the president should stop tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases President Trump responded by saying that he was “not bothered” by Barr’s suggestions.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “I think it’s time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases,” Barr stated. “I have a problem with some of, some of the tweets. As I said at my confirmation hearing, I think the essential role of the attorney general is to keep law enforcement, the criminal process sacrosanct to make sure there is no political interference in it. And I have done that and I will continue to do that.”

“The President wasn’t bothered by the comments at all and he has the right, just like any American citizen, to publicly offer his opinions. President Trump uses social media very effectively to fight for the American people against injustices in our country, including fake news. The President has full faith and confidence in Attorney General Barr to do his job and uphold the law,” Stephanie Grisham said. You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Juneau Empire

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  • Allen
    Posted February 14, 2020 6:38 pm 0Likes

    President Trump has all of the rights in the world to voice his opinion, either verbally or through a tweet. No one had a problem when Obama spoke out even when he was wrong. He was dead wrong in Martin’s case and Ferguson. And, because of his actions, police officers died.

  • Ron C
    Posted February 14, 2020 6:51 pm 0Likes

    I agree whole heartedly…since when does a man that is elected president lose all of his rights under the constitution…answer me that!
    All the fake scams and fake news from the socialist’s for the last four years and NOT a peep about them shutting up…but let a duly elected president say one word or have an opinion and all hell breaks loose…that is just plain stupid talk!

    • Irish19
      Posted February 14, 2020 10:29 pm 0Likes

      Here are all these deep staters, MSM and RINOs trying to take him down by a coup and they expect him to be quiet? He should say what he wants until these traitors are jailed . Is treason still a death penalty? Should be. I would advise Mr. Barr to start bringing these traitors in to face justice, He and Durham have had all the info they need to arrest at least 20 people . Why are they taking so long? As soon as the evidence is there they should be prosecuted. Not wait for each one to be prosecuted together. This is so ridiculous. Barr and Durham have the goods and are waiting till after the election. Why? If these people are guilty of treason let’s bring them to justice. The American people are sick of these Obama people getting a pass. Time for some hanging.

  • Ron C
    Posted February 14, 2020 6:53 pm 0Likes

    And since when does a duly elected president loss his constitutional right to free speech…?

  • Proud vet
    Posted February 14, 2020 7:01 pm 0Likes

    Or set the Trump should stop tweeting about the department of justice and what’s going on with cases? I think bar should learn that the government works for the people and the people have a right to know especially when they find out people like Andrew became was just to let off the hook for what he has done by the department of justice, which is out rages to the American people as the radio was on fire with that right now especially after sending that to Amanda jail for doing nothing come in the Republicans Not saying a word but

  • david
    Posted February 15, 2020 11:37 am 0Likes

    And then the DOJ let’s McCabe skate??????????????

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