Ocasio-Cortez Gets ATTACKED By Her Own People

She’s going to have a hard time dealing with them…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in hot water with progressives after deciding to vote for Pelosi without “negotiating for concessions from the current House Speaker.”

Democratic socialists which Ocasio-Cortez is apart of want a “Medicare-for-All” plan, however Biden and Pelosi both oppose the plan.

Progressive Jimmy Dore tweeted, ““Progressives in congress CAN actually force a Med4all vote if they withhold their vote for Pelosi as speaker to do it. I ask all progressives to pressure ur favorite progressive congressperson to withhold their Vote 4 Pelosi & demand a Med4all vote!”

“The Plan that is BEST for Everyone is MEDICARE FOR ALL. 15 million Americans have lost there (sic) jobs and don’t have money to purchase insurance from your DONORS. Pressure your progressive representative to WITHHOLD THEIR VOTE UNTIL PELOSI HOLDS MED4ALL VOTE IN HOUSE!”

Looks like Ocasio-Cortez isn’t listening to her people and has decided to “sell out” and vote for Pelosi without a promise of “Medicare-for-All.”

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Image Credit: New York Post

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  • Keith D
    Posted December 16, 2020 2:08 am 0Likes

    The commies fix an election then discover they can NOT trust each other now!! I would also like to know who thinks that ALL OF THEM want the same thing. The destruction of the USA only they FALSLY believe they will not be AFFECTED!!!! WHEN they destroy the country EVERYBODY FALLS!!! The people are so UNIFORMED AND BRAIN WASHED they don’t realize the thing they were taught in “SCHOOL” is what Khrushchev meant by winning without firing a shot!! THE DNC (and all that follow)ARE THE USELESS IDIOTS HE MEANT!!!!

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