Liberals Pin DEATH On Trump’s Hands

They are complete fools.

During a recent interview on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein claimed that President Trump was criminally negligent when it came to the coronavirus causing “tens of thousands of deaths”

Accoridng to Breitbart, CNN’s Anderson Cooper stated, “Carl, I mean, you know, you also — how about being a normal human being of, you know, descent spirit and as opposed to somebody who has  — I know he has — this is what he’s built his career on is lies and fabulous talk but, you know, he’s president and it’s—and people are dying.”

Bernstein responded, “There is no evidence in his life, especially his public life of descent impulse. It is what we have seen in this presidency though all the lying. This really is a criminal presidency with a criminal president. We have seen criminality as never before in his negligence as revealed in Bob Woodward’s book and on tape, the smoking gun tape of this president’s felony, the greatest felony perhaps by any president in our history resulting in tens of thousands of deaths.”

Adding, “Let’s take a breath, a deep breath, all of us and look at fact and truth here about what’s happened. There has never been anything like this kind of abdication of responsibility and decency as you put it. This is a president of the United States who put his own narrow reelection effort and interests in front of the health and welfare of every American. He endangered the lives of every American, encouraged a pandemic to take through the air instead of trying to fight that pandemic because he cannot confront the truth and tell the American people the truth because he’s abdication his responsibility and his criminally negligent.”

You can watch a clip of Bernstein’s comments here.

Image credit: Alternet

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  • Wayne
    Posted September 12, 2020 8:00 pm 0Likes

    Thank God that President Trump was in office , If Sleepy Uncle Joe would have been the deaths would be minimum double what they are , maybe more !!! Bernstein you & your buddy Woodward are political hacks & should both be retired with Sllepy Uncle Joe & Nervous Nancy Pelosi

  • Robert Taylor
    Posted September 12, 2020 8:21 pm 0Likes

    I cannot accept the stupidity of those criminals making statements like they did. Yes it is criminal to even think the President is responsible for any virus deaths. If someone needed an excuse to go over the edge and try to harm the President those two would/should be charged with accessory to any and all charges. Further, as a disabled vet I am disgusted with their role of degrading a country (mine) I spent most of my early adult years defending.

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