Liberal Host EXPLODES On Air

He is seeing red…

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently went off on his show “Cuomo Prime Time,” as he was talking about Meghan Markle and her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

He said, “Why is the most sweeping legislation in decades to lift Americans out of poverty just hours away from passing, but without any support from the right side of the aisle? The answer, Meghan Markle and a dollop of Dr. Seuss. Many of the rights’ parties’ constituents are struggling from a pandemic they long denied. With a president they want to lose, they are making a choice, duck real problem-solving in favor of culture fights. Be a true opposition party. One that opposes whatever it can as a proxy for getting anything done. They are simply against. And the top of the list is against owning the reality of racism. If that’s not true, why else is there this Markle madness on the right? Why are they so concerned about this story and whether or not it’s true? After four years of empowering the biggest liar in presidential history, now you have a thing for truth? Doubtful. Tonight the queen doesn’t deny accusations of racism against the royal family in the family’s first public statement since the bomb drops.”

“But people here on the right continue to savage Markle and her story. Something struck a nerve with them. Was it a multi-racial woman speaking out against an institutional white royal family? No, no, it’s not about that. What is it about then? The Royals aren’t questioning what she says about race being used against her by them. They don’t deny her allegations about conversations with an unnamed someone questioning how dark the skin of the unborn child would be. So, why are so many here on the right fringe unable to accept the story? Could it be that the opposition party is passing laws that disenfranchise minorities?”

Read the whole article and watch a clip here.

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