Liberal Host Declares WAR On Republicans

Here we go…

Recently on MSNBC, contributor Jason Johnson shocked viewers when he attempted to further divide America and suggested that Biden was still at “war”.

According to Breitbart, Johnson stated, “I have to say this if Joe Biden becomes president of the United States, and I hope that he does because he’s not a dictator in the making, he seems to be a decent guy, I will immediately turn around my hat and be extremely critical of him because you cannot come into this White House with the idea that these people aren’t the enemy. They are. The people chasing the Biden-Harris truck out of Texas — they are the enemies of democracy. The people right now attacking vote counters in Detroit, they are the enemy. Kyle Rittenhouse is the enemy. Mitch McConnell is the enemy,”

Adding, “If there is one thing that Democrats should have finally figured out in this campaign, you cannot treat the Republican Party with kid gloves because they won’t treat you that way. I hope Joe Biden just gave this speech to sound nice because everything isn’t locked down yet. Maybe Senator Harris will have this idea should she become VP, but they have to go into this realizing they’re in a war, the war for the soul of America will not end once he’s inaugurated, and I hope he remembers that.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: CNBC

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  • LMB
    Posted November 5, 2020 7:38 pm 0Likes

    WHAT A POMPAS A$$!!! These are the type of people that want to bring the USA down!

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