Laughably Easy Entry For MS-13 Gang Members At Border

Mark Morgan, former head of Customs and Border Protection, just offered an incredibly bitter dose of reality to Tucker Carlson.

He explained to the Fox News host that MS-13 gang members, one of the most violent gangs to originate in Mexico, “laugh” at how easy it is for them to illegally cross the border.

“Before I was the chief of border patrol I was with the FBI,” Morgan been to explain. “And I actually supervised MS-13 gang force in southern California. We used to catch them on surveillance wires and they would laugh, MS-13 gang members would laugh [at] how easy it was to go back between Mexico and the U.S. border.”

Morgan also went over how the currently “dysfunctional immigration policy” posed a threat to national security by forcing the release of those apprehended at the border, including children.

“They only have a few—amount of days, and once they hit that, they’ve got to release regardless if they’ve been properly vetted, regardless if they have a parent in the United States, they have to be released into the interior United States,” Morgan said.

Problems like these are only compounded by the fact that illegals can cross at virtually any point of the border, something that could be prevented if Democrats would allow for funding of a secure border wall.

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  • Ron
    Posted December 31, 2019 11:12 pm 0Likes

    They need to be lined up and. ! They nothing but ORDINARY PIECE’S OF GARDEN VARIETY GUTTER TRASH !! IF PELOSI love’s them so much let her the LOWLIFE take care of them herself .

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