Kamala Harris DESTROYED By Trump

She won’t be coming back from that…

President Trump recently stated that if Kamala Harris were to become the first woman president, it would be an insult to America.

He said, “People don’t like her. Nobody likes her. She could never be the first woman president. She could never be. That would be an insult to our country.”

Trump was speaking at a rally in North Carolina and bashed both Biden and Harris calling Biden “half-competent” and “heading south rapidly.”

Trump also stated, “You know who is further left than Crazy Bernie? Kamala. Kamala. Kamala.”

“Biden has now formed an unholy alliance with the most extreme and dangerous element of the radical left. You know that.”

Harris was probably the worst pick for Biden if he wanted to stay moderately left. He’s going to have a hard time appeasing to even Democrats with his far-left running mate.

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Image Credit: Variety

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  • Sandra
    Posted September 9, 2020 9:18 pm 0Likes

    The President was dead on target. Kamala Harris is a radical extremist and a hater of America. All of the Democrats must hate this country if they are advocating what Biden and Harris do. Even though these two flip flop so bad when someone opposes them, you can’t be real sure exactly which extreme stance they are advocating at any given time. There is not a Democratic Party any longer. We have a Radical Socialist/Communist Party. And if you want to see what this country will be under this regime then take the time to look at Venezuela years ago and look at it now. We will be another Venezuela if we allow the radicals to get control. There will no longer be a United States of America. There will be nothing recognizable, just a large slum being ruled by a wealthy elite. Funny, it seems that is what the Lefts supporters were fighting against to begin with. Guess what folks, you were scamed by the Leftist politicians. They lied to their supporters and had for many, many years. Are you so lame you do not recognize that you are being used? Sad, Sad, Sad

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