In 1 Year This Has Increased 374 Percent

Many things grow over time, there is nothing unusual about that. But sometimes growth is a bad thing, and when that growth reaches unprecedented proportions there are definitely consequences. 

Unfortunately, dangerous growth is exactly what’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. Border Patrol officials have now announced that illegal migrant apprehension has gone up 374%, just from last year. 

“The Border Patrol is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis,” Brian Hastings who is the U.S. Border Patrol Chief Law Enforcement Director shared with reporters. “We’ve arrived at the breaking point.”

Agents report apprehending 189,584 Family Unit Aliens in the first six months of Fiscal Year 2018, monumental more than the 39,975 FMUA’s apprehend the same time last Fiscal Year. 

These numbers continue to prove that President Trump has been right all along and that there is an overwhelming national emergency at the border that is being ignored at our peril. 

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  • Gerald Ladd
    Posted April 10, 2019 11:45 pm 0Likes

    Put the blame where it belongs. With congress. Trump can’t do it alone.

  • Gerald Ladd
    Posted April 10, 2019 11:47 pm 0Likes

    I’ll type my comment, but this site, like others, is fucked up.

  • denny Taylor
    Posted April 11, 2019 12:21 am 0Likes

    It is called Sedition. Time to use the Muller Tactics. Arrest people who are Globalists like George Soros who funds all the group=s that want to overthrow the United States from with in, confiscate ALL their assets, including all the companies where they where they own the controlling corporation stacks, Grab their computers and see what can be found, and when their attorneys step in, arrest them for sedition also, that is what Muller Did to Trumps attorneys and close advisors. Turn about is fair play. Include the Traitors who are on the take from these people also. Put them in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, off shore, put their close attorneys there, put the politicians who are getting huge donations from this group there also. Confiscate all computers and look for evidence regarding crimes of any kind. Isn’t this what muller did? Lock up Hillary, Schumer, Beohner, and anyone who has been and is being paid off. This includes the Justice Democrats. Doesn’t anyone get it, we are already in a civil war . President Trump, lock these traitors up, make them penniless, . Assign them public attorneys since they do not have any money. Lock up the lying press people also, same charge, and they are being paid off by these same people. America for Americans. Stop this illegal immigration. Once the Money is gone the illegals will be gone also.

  • denny Taylor
    Posted April 11, 2019 12:30 am 0Likes

    Where is the comment I left? To hot for you? I mailed it out any way after I copied it. What was wrong with it? To much Truth regarding Sedition?

  • Bruce
    Posted April 11, 2019 1:42 am 0Likes

    Congress and liberal governors should take the lions share of the blame for the border/ illegals mess, I hope the majority of voters remember every one of them and vote for them to go home, All the millions wasted on lawyers, law suits, supeonas, and the thousands of paid hours spent when their not doing their job!
    Trump has a never ending job fighting for America because these elite pricks want to fight him and try and gain illegals votes down the road. We really do not need millions of uneducated and non-skilled illegal evading our county. We’re up to 30 plus billion a year supporting the ones that crossed illegally already. It’s taxpayers/ workers money and the rich pricks in government don’t give a shit as long as they get their way and profit from personal financial gain and power.
    If this mess isn’t fixed soon ,America is going to end up a 3 rd World Country. Blue collar workers in Peru make over just a little over $1 American per hour, they work 10 hour days, 6 days per week, no overtime or benefits, and there is no WELFARE!
    Some Americans think their abused, discriminated against, and the list goes on….. try moving to Peru , and it’s one of the nicer 3 rd world country’s. Many are spoiled rotten,, have never did any manual labor in their life, think their entitled, hide behind racism or gender, every thing has been handed to them on a silver platter, GOD help us if they are ever asked to fight if another country attacked us on American soil.

    I’m sick of fake news, left-wing Dems, and loud mouths: the Hollywood darlings, Me Too movement bulkshit, Congress not working to help America,, racists, illegals tramp,ing the rights of Americans, listening to wacko Dem socialists running for President and their crazy ideas that will financiall break the country, our government and courts not honoring the laws we already had in place in handling individuals committing a crime entering our country illegally, , then there’s the mean spirited ass…..h ; Waters, Pelosi, Nader, Schumuer, Flake, Warren, Sanders, Biden, Tlaib, Cortez, Iran, O’rouke…… send them all back to their “home countries” or their multi – million dollar estates surrounded by their property WALLS!

    • mary
      Posted April 14, 2019 10:22 pm 0Likes

      Amen brother you hit the nail right on the head .

  • Cara
    Posted April 11, 2019 5:26 am 0Likes

    I’d say you said it all. With what is coming out now with what Barr is saying I figure some crazy dems are going to have problems. I just can’t believe that they really believe all the fake news and think what’s coming out now are nothing but lies. I’d be watching some of them closely. Someone is going to get really mad and really go crazy and do something that will hit home. Maybe then the dems will start trying to work with Our President and get the wall built and do something about the gang members, killers, rapist and radical people who have come into America. Are they so blind to the fact that illegals are bringing diseases back into American and making people sick?? I’m 67 and just can’t believe all the evil animals that are running our country. God help us all.

  • Ronnie
    Posted April 14, 2019 5:54 am 0Likes

    Fact Democrats are Sick Evil Corrupt Freaking Morons, They bring NOTHING I mean NOTHING positive to the table only oppose Trump and everything he does positive to this country . Every single democrat that has disobeyed the law should be put in prison NOW its time to “Drain The Swamp ” Go Trump , MAGA TRUMP 20/20

  • Carl C. Lamb
    Posted May 13, 2019 1:24 am 0Likes

    I have served this country, which i love more than my life. It is heartbreaking to see what is being done by those that are completel

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