Hypocrite Hillary Accuses WHO Of Being Power Hungry

This is just ridiculous.

In a recent interview with NBC, failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of having a lust for power.

According to Breitbart, when discussing the potential replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clinton stated, “I was able to watch your previous interviews with Senators Klobuchar and Barrasso, and Senator Barrasso is doing an epic job trying to defend the indefensible. The system has been broken for quite a while, but clearly, the decision that Mitch McConnell made back in 2016 in the midst of that presidential election, but at a much earlier time when Justice Scalia unexpectedly passed away, should be the standard now. They talk about we had other standards before, well, they made a new precedent and the new presidential which they defended incredibly passionately was to wait for the next president, whoever that is, to make the nomination, but as you clearly heard, that is not what they are intending, and it’s another blow to our institutions.”

Clinton then said, “You know, what’s happening in our country is incredibly dangerous. Our institutions are being basically undermined by the lust for power, power for personal gain in the case of the president or power for institutional gain in the case of Mitch McConnell, at the cost of ensuring that our institutions withstand whatever the political wins might be. But they made this decision if 2016, and they held to account for it.”

You can watch a clip of Clinton’s comments here.

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  • Joan
    Posted September 20, 2020 8:16 pm 0Likes

    Why doesn’t loser Killary shut up and go away, she’s nothing but a loud mouth witch, who’s power hungry and a real whinny witch!

    • Beverly
      Posted September 21, 2020 3:54 am 0Likes

      If anyone has a desire to be number 1, kit is HELL-ERY. She has a personality (foul) that she lets everyone know shse is in the room. and she is to be noticed. She hates having questions asked of her. If someone (in the WH years). She will call you all sorts of names. She even requested that Secret Service when they meet her in the hallway, they turn to the wall and do not speak! THIS IS THE KIND OF BITCH SHE IS. KILLERY CANT STAND TO NOT BE IN THE PUBLIC EYE. EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOW SHOWING AGE, EVEN WITH THE SECRET FACELIFT SHE HAD AT HER HOME. NOTHING CAN MAKE HER LOOK SWEET AND LOVELY. SHE HAS TOO MANY TOUGH ISSUES OVER THE YEARS. SHE REALLY LOOKS LIKE MY CHARLIE CHIPMUNK WITH HER MOUTH FILLED WITH PEANUTS.

    Posted September 20, 2020 8:47 pm 0Likes


  • Jesse
    Posted September 21, 2020 1:02 am 0Likes

    Hitlery, Nutsy, Schmuck, Schitt for brains, MAD MORON Maxine, and GONADler all are just power Hungry SLIME BAGS. They care NOTHING for this Nation just the POWER and Money that their power gets them.

  • Rodger Shull
    Posted September 21, 2020 12:29 pm 0Likes

    she is just stark raving mad she was not selected for the SCOTUS , another loss for the BIGGEST LOSER.

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