ENRAGED Ocasio-Cortez SPITS On Republican Senator

She needs to calm down before she gets into more trouble.

The New York Times recently posted an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has some choice words to say about it.

In Cotton’s op-ed, he called for military to be inserted into the Democrat-controlled cities with violent riots in order to quell the violence and restore peace.

He said, “The pace of looting and disorder may fluctuate from night to night, but it’s past time to support local law enforcement with federal authority. Some governors have mobilized the National Guard, yet others refuse, and in some cases the rioters still outnumber the police and Guard combined. In these circumstances, the Insurrection Act authorizes the president to employ the military ‘or any other means’ in ‘cases of insurrection, or obstruction to the laws.'”

Ocasio-Cortez went onto Twitter and wrote:

Where was the misinformation Ocasio-Cortez is talking about? She has multiple questions, but they are all irrelevant when a majority of Americans, especially almost half of all Democrats, are in support of what Cotton has said.

Read the full article here.

Image Credit: Yahoo News

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  • Sandra
    Posted June 4, 2020 9:57 pm 0Likes

    I spit on AOC and every one of her little gang of skanks. If I had
    my way every one of them would be deported and never be allowed
    to come back ever.

  • Margo L Ontiveros
    Posted June 5, 2020 6:16 pm 0Likes

    AOC is asking for an assault charge. That is nasty and we don’t know what kind of diseases she might have. I guess her parents didn’t teach her well enough.

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