Dems Push Monitoring Your Social Media

A new bill proposed by Democrats in Illinois would force residents to share their social media accounts with police before being allowed to buy a firearm.

WBBM-TV learned from Rep. Daniel Didech that the purpose of the bill is to identify those with possible mental health issues before they can purchase a gun.

“This is something my community is demanding action on,” Didech, who is a sponsor of the bill, shared.

But this invasion of privacy if being criticized by many who enjoy freedom. Rebecca Glenberg of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois explained that she opposes the measure on the grounds that it could encourage and support police bias. “A person’s political beliefs, a person’s religious beliefs … should not play a part in whether someone gets a FOID card,” Glenberg stated.

Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, also sounded off against it saying, “When people look at this, everyone who has a Facebook account or email account or Twitter account will be incensed or should be.”

Hopefully lawmakers in Illinois aren’t looking to compete with the restrictive nature of some states being run by Democrats, like New York for example. 

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