Data Reveals True Number Of Anchor Babies In CA

The number of United States-born children of illegal aliens in the sanctuary state of California is about twice the entire population of Wyoming, data reveals.

The U.S.-born children of illegal aliens are commonly known as “anchor babies,” as they anchor their illegal alien and noncitizen parents in the U.S. when they are granted immediate birthright citizenship. There are at least 4.5 million anchor babies in the country, a population that exceeds the total number of annual American births, as about 300,000 anchor babies are born every year, exceeding the total number of American births in 48 states. Currently, the U.S. and Canada are the only developed nations in the world that offer unrestricted birthright citizenship.

Data compiled by the Migration Policy Institute finds there are at least 1.2 million anchor babies under the age of 18 residing in the state of California with their illegal alien parents. This is about twice the entire population of Wyoming, where about 570,000 residents live.

About 400,000 of those 1.2 million anchor babies in California are born to two parents who are both residing in the U.S. illegally.

Texas has an anchor baby population of nearly 700,000, also exceeding the population of Wyoming by about 130,000 people. Meanwhile, New York has an anchor baby population of about 240,000, close to four times the population of Portland, Maine.

(Migration Policy Institute) 

Wide-ranging analysis by Center for Immigration Studies researcher Steven Camarotta reveals there are an estimated 28,000 births to illegal aliens every year in the Los Angeles metro area, exceeding the total number of U.S. births in 14 states and the District of Columbia, Breitbart News reported.

About one-in-five U.S. births — or 791,000 — are to legal and illegal immigrant mothers, with legal immigrant mothers accounting for about 12.4 percent of those births and illegal alien mothers accounting for 7.5 percent.

The Supreme Court, however, has never explicitly ruled that the children of illegal aliens must be granted automatic citizenship and many legal scholars dispute the idea. Trump promised last year to end birthright citizenship through executive action, but the order has yet to be revealed or signed.

At the same time, newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found in 2017 all but two states in the U.S. had birth rates below replacement level. The total U.S. birth rate was about 1.765 children per woman. At least 2.1 children per woman are needed to replace the current population of the country without experiencing population decreases.

In all 50 states and the District of Colombia, white women had birth rates below replacement level. The highest birth rate among women was  in Utah. The white birth rate in Utah was about 2.0 children per woman.

The U.S. birth rate is now less than half of what it was in the 1950s.


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  • Meredith Gregory
    Posted January 17, 2019 10:14 pm 0Likes

    This is simply ludicrous and is killing the U.S. in more ways than one. Even though many of the adults hold jobs and some pay taxes it doesn’t come close to what they receive in benefits. Plus many work under the table for cheaper wages and those jobs don’t even offer any type of benefits, hence the “under the table” work. Now, since it seems to be OK to hire illegals, in Sanctuary Cities & States it needs to be mandatory that adults with school age children MUST be employed. U.S. Citizens receiving G’ment assistance are required to work, they should NEVER be treated any different. Perhaps, if they should be apprehended some how or for reason and they’ve never run a foul of the law having a job could give them extra consideration. Nut there will have to have been here prior to a certain date like before the end of 2018. The person/family will still need to go back to their country of origin & apply for a visa but they would be ahead of the game ~ a bit.
    In the meantime we have to get that wall/fence whatever you want to call it finished. I read that it comes out to about $17.00 per person. We’re on a fixed income but we could come with $50.00. It is a must do for the sake of all citizens.

  • Peggy Churchill
    Posted April 13, 2019 5:06 pm 0Likes

    We can continue being stupid or we can take our country back from the illegals. Frankly all the bleeding hearts in the US, Houston Texas for example, will choose the illegals unless and until something really bad happens, then it will be too late.

  • USMC/Ret.
    Posted April 21, 2019 9:39 pm 0Likes

    we are truly the Land of the Stupid – check alone the flts from China, how many
    pregnant Woman arrive daily to give birth here.
    they all will be on our System in years to come, keeping American Kids from
    Education etc.
    lets support Donald 100% he surly knows what he is doing.

    semper fi
    Vietnam Vet

  • Mike Seibert
    Posted August 22, 2019 6:48 pm 0Likes

    Illegally born in the USA was NOT within the jurisdiction of the USA! Giving Birth to 2 illegal aliens, is born to the Jurisdiction of the Country from which they came. The 14 th Amendment is CLEAR if you understand US History, means, must be subject to NO OTHER jurisdiction, if you are here legally, at 18 you can pick your citizenship.

    Now here we are the DNCBolshevik New War on Guns. The “war on Drugs” is like the “war” on poverty both abject failures! Except they both destroyed families & family values and the US Constitutional rights, under the 4th, 5th,6th & 8 th Amendments. Now the Deep State & brainwashed individualials stooges for the Bolshevik DNC & the Soros Globalist Open Borders Cabal want a “war on Guns” thing time they want; to Destroy the US Cont. 2nd, 4 th, 5 th, 6th, 8 th use prior seizures before hearing, burden shifting to require that the accused that had his 2nd Amendment crushed, pay the expenses to have his, 1. rights reinstated, 2. to recover his/her guns taken, as soon as the seizure & injunction is imposed, the accused Citizens are instanter in violation of 18 USC 922, and is a Federal Offense for mere possession after being enjoined.

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