Cohen Brought This On Himself

Michael Cohen has delivered his second congressional testimony to the House Oversight Committee in a drawn out and highly publicized hearing. Now he’s going to have to pay for the consequences of his actions.

Representative Mark Meadows has issued a criminal referral for Michael Cohen stemming from the lawyers violation fo the Foreign Agent Disclosure Act (FARA).

Meadows grilled Cohen during the hearing for failing to provide a complete list of the foreign companies that paid him for access to the Trump administration. 

Particularly Meadows was interested in ties Cohen might have with such foreign contacts as Novartis, KAI, or Kazakhstan BTA Bank.

“I’m going to back to the question I asked before with regards to your false statement that you submitted to Congress. On here it was very clear that it asks for contracts with foreign entities over the last two years. Have you had any foreign contracts with foreign entities whether it’s Novartis or the Korean Airline or Kazakhstan BTA bank? Your testimony earlier said that you had contracts with them. In fact, you went into detail,” Meadows questioned Cohen.

“They are not government agencies, they are privately and publicly traded companies,” Cohen replied.

Frustrated Meadows clarified, “Did you have foreign contracts over the last two years?”

Cohen meekly replied “yes.”

It was this exchange that led Meadows to refer Cohen for a criminal investigation. 

Perhaps in an ode to President Trump, Meadows made the announcement via Twitter:

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