Christine Blasey Ford Pushes Her Way Into The Spotlight AGAIN

It’s shocking that Blasey Ford’s name is back in headlines after being the propagator of such a massive and baseless accusation.

A Democrat congresswoman says she will nominate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – the woman who accused now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago – for a prestigious award.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) announced on Twitter Monday evening that she would be nominating Ford (whose allegations were never proven or even corroborated) for the prestigious Profiles in Courage Award, which is given out by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

“Nominating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – a true American (s)hero who sacrificed so much to do what was right for our country and for the pursuit of truth of justice – for this year’s Profiles in Courage Award @JFKLibrary. She is an inspiration to us all,” Speier tweeted.

Ford is famous for accusing a Supreme Court justice nominee – one the Left feared because he could tip the scales toward overturning Roe v. Wade – of sexual assault. She could provide no concrete details about where or when the alleged attack occurred (her story about when it happened changed from the early 80s to the mid 80s to 1982), and the people she named as witnesses couldn’t remember any such party. One woman Ford named as one of her best friends couldn’t even remember ever meeting Kavanaugh.

Ford claimed she left the party after the alleged attack, which involved Kavanaugh allegedly pushing her into a room onto a bed, and then groping her and trying to remove her clothes, yet no one has ever come forward to say they remember driving her home while she was upset. Though she was a teenager when the alleged attack happened, not even her parents came forward to support her account.

But it doesn’t matter whether she was credible or not. For Democrats, she tainted a right-leaning Supreme Court Justice, and that’s all that matters.

The Profiles in Courage award is meant to recognize “a public official (or officials) at the federal, state, or local level whose actions demonstrate the qualities of politically courageous leadership in the spirit of Profiles in Courage, President Kennedy’s 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book, which recounts the stories of eight U.S. senators who risked their careers by embracing unpopular positions for the greater good,” according to the Kennedy Library website.

Ford may qualify as a public official since she is a professor at Palo Alto University in California.

The award has been given to 51 recipients, including past presidents Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford.

Ford said she received death threats after she was forced to come forward (she had originally wished to remain anonymous but Democrats mishandled her accusation, leading to her coming forward) and also received more than $700,000 through a GoFundMe account.

Speier nominated Ford in part for her “pursuit of truth of justice.” Maybe Ford believes her truth, but the media’s handling of the entire allegation was anything but a “pursuit of truth of justice,” as they rushed to report anything that may have made Kavanaugh look bad and ignored information that may have exonerated him.

It’s obviously unclear whether Ford will get the award, but considering that the recipients typically promote progressive policies, she may end up winning.


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  • Franco
    Posted January 30, 2019 10:02 pm 0Likes

    Where or When?
    How did I get there???
    How did I get home to a safe place???
    Why did my friend not REMEMBER she was there
    and knew about the attack????

    • Brenda
      Posted April 1, 2019 11:07 pm 0Likes

      She should get an award for Profiles in Lying. If she really had been assaulted , she would remember everything. Been there and know.

      • jim markovitz
        Posted May 13, 2019 9:09 pm 0Likes

        all the old whore did was cause a good man heart ach give her a reward for what making money on the lie give her a kick in the ass

      • cp123
        Posted August 22, 2019 11:15 pm 0Likes

        Why? She’s garbage.

  • Betty Alford
    Posted January 31, 2019 5:26 pm 0Likes

    Trump 20/20

  • Medic RN
    Posted January 31, 2019 7:26 pm 0Likes

    Soooo….now we award sleep study scientists for their dreams?

  • Inkpad
    Posted January 31, 2019 7:26 pm 0Likes

    Sad day in America again when a proven liar can be nominated for a prestigious award. Democrat’s have no morals

    • Linda
      Posted January 31, 2019 7:30 pm 0Likes

      Amen to that. Her husband made a statement BEFORE she went to DC stating that she was “craving attention” that she felt she deserves, which destroyed her credibility.

      • Mike
        Posted February 1, 2019 2:07 am 0Likes


    • Judy Alexander
      Posted January 31, 2019 8:23 pm 0Likes

      So true!!! A LIAR held up as a hero! (Sad day)

    • george
      Posted January 31, 2019 8:32 pm 0Likes

      she get a reward for being the liar of the year.

      Posted January 31, 2019 8:33 pm 0Likes

      you are absolutely right why she is not under investigation for lying under oath is beyond me GOP without trump is WEAK

    • Donna M Kelley
      Posted January 31, 2019 8:41 pm 0Likes


    • elzie w franklin
      Posted January 31, 2019 9:03 pm 0Likes

      she should be in jail

    • Cookie
      Posted January 31, 2019 10:05 pm 0Likes

      She doesn’t deserve a reward for lying. Nothing was proven. Just plain stupid.

    • Randall Hart
      Posted January 31, 2019 10:27 pm 0Likes

      Very true but that’s what the left does. They gave E Warren one for being Indian at the university that she worked at.

    • LouiseCA
      Posted January 31, 2019 11:24 pm 0Likes

      Nothing desperate about liberals, is there?

    • PatriotSoul
      Posted January 31, 2019 11:57 pm 0Likes

      Just like OWEbama receiving the Nobel Prize – useless and for lies & no morals.

    • Jo Deplor
      Posted February 1, 2019 12:00 am 0Likes


      Posted February 1, 2019 12:44 am 0Likes

      she should get an award LIAR OF THE YEAR

      • mike
        Posted April 21, 2019 10:21 pm 0Likes

        she should be awarded with a huge lawsuit against her an charges for a false report

    • Timothy
      Posted February 2, 2019 4:00 am 0Likes

      Marxist Luther King and barry boy obama (two communist, one is a half breed) also received awards because of skin color alone. No character, no content. Not even an original birth certificate.

    • suzanne aynscough
      Posted February 3, 2019 8:56 am 0Likes

      She needs to be charged, fined [all she made financially] and imprisoned in GITMO. For obstructing justice, defamation of character and Lying in court under oath. Despicable low life.

    • Jobert Ronson
      Posted April 3, 2019 5:04 am 0Likes

      Inkpad: Your are correct abou the DemonRats havinging no morals. The last democratic presidential caucus, they, as a body, removed GOD from their plaform of beliefs. Guess who they follow instead of GOD? That’s right the other guy. That’s why they have no morals and their ethics are non-existent.

  • Major Ted C. Mc Neel Sr. USMC Retired
    Posted January 31, 2019 7:32 pm 0Likes

    I hope the committee which approves the Kennedy Profiles In Courage Award does not award it to Mrs. Christiine Blasey Ford. Her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Associate Justice Nominee Bret Kavanaugh was an absolute injustice to the nominess. None of her accusation could be proven, not one person supported her story. It would be a disservice to individuals who are truly deserving of the Kennedy Award. She got the many minutes of public fame, that in itself is reward enough.

  • Dolly Worn
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:08 pm 0Likes

    Shameful, Democrats, lack of decency is appalling.
    Wake up good Americans, we are loosing our

  • William Thornton
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:16 pm 0Likes

    That makes that award a JOKE. Giving it to a liar. Like ob getting the Nobel peace award.

  • Lisa
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:18 pm 0Likes

    Leave it to a liberal to nominate someone for any award that has this woman’s background. As a woman I do have to say I don’t know any women who believed Christine Blasey Ford when she came forward with her accusations nothing but a disgusting liberal liar.

    • Baylee
      Posted January 31, 2019 10:40 pm 0Likes

      Christine Blasey-Ford was an out right liar. And, not a very good one at that.
      I think she could be the post for what democrat women are. Crazy Biotches…

    • sandyj
      Posted February 1, 2019 1:24 pm 0Likes

      Yep! The Kennedys were about as liberal as they come and thus this nomination for this liberal award. To most sane people, it’s meaning less!

  • Sicandtired
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:21 pm 0Likes

    They always receive death threats but they never get dead…how does that work?

  • jack leet
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:21 pm 0Likes

    She should be in Jail for lying to a Congressional committee. This is what’s wrong with this country . Lie , cheat and steal and you become a Hero .

  • Erl Roe
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:22 pm 0Likes

    Of course she should put her name forward for an award … the appropriate one of course… The ass of the year award she did not even need to put on the mask as John Carey did she could not have created any more stupidity either way…. all her act lacked was humour … she was too stupid for that

  • Marlo
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:23 pm 0Likes

    A Democrat shill nominating another Democrat shill for an award they do not deserve and have not earned. What’s new in California. We need to build the wall to exclude CA from the United States of America as they are traitors to America, Americans and the American Way of Life.

  • BJ
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:23 pm 0Likes

    AWARD! She needs a fine for lying in court! Her statements were rehearsed, she knew just how pitiful to
    make her voice sound when she was talking to make people feel sorry for her. Give her an award, GIVE ME A BREAK!! SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats don’t ya’ll have anything better to do with your

  • Joseph Williams
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:25 pm 0Likes

    The only award Blassey Ford is worthy of is from the Swiss Cheese Society of America

  • David Berlier
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:25 pm 0Likes

    Oh well the dumb lying broad will probably wait 36 years to pick it up anyway. You cant expect much out of a demonrat from California. That place is like a bowl of granola. What isnt fruits and nuts are a bunch of flakes.

  • Clark Margaret
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:26 pm 0Likes

    She deserves nothing! A common liar that does not recognize the truth!

  • Richard
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:27 pm 0Likes

    No wonder Democrats want to outlaw gun ownership. Keeping guns away from idiots and mentally deficient people is of utmost importance and they (at least) recognize themselves as being unqualified to own guns.

  • Terri Zendner
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:27 pm 0Likes

    It’s an omen. I’m seriously afraid this country will go in the way of the world, sooner than later. People have become blind followers. They no longer require truth, they don’t know the meaning of integrity, and if this were a cliff, they’d all be dead.

  • Art Golden
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:27 pm 0Likes

    I believe every word she said. Kavanuagh never should’ve been nominated or confirmed.

    • Irish
      Posted April 22, 2019 8:41 pm 0Likes

      There’s a bridge I want to sell you in NY. What a brainwashed moron.

  • Joan Arnold
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:28 pm 0Likes

    She should be arrested for lying to congress, saying she could not fly.

  • Donald R Balentine
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:28 pm 0Likes

    Count the lies. 1. Fear of flying 2. Three witnesses that she says were there say they were never there. 3. Claims to be a psychologist with no license in California 4. Says she never assisted anyone to take a lie detector test.
    Her ex boyfriend states he saw her assist a friend. 5. Her number of people at the party and timelines have changed three or four times. 6. There is no person alive that could endure the trauma she claims and not remember the person that saved her and drove her home. Each lie under oath to any committee of congress is a felony. Can bring five to ten years in a federal prison on each count.
    Are we so politically correct that we are afraid to call a liar a liar because her liberal friends will riot in the streets? When we allow crimes to go unpunished, we are becoming a lawless nation.

    • Irish19
      Posted April 22, 2019 8:43 pm 0Likes

      Why is she not in jail?

  • Katee
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:30 pm 0Likes

    Gee, there are more qualified people who should get the “worlds biggest liar” award! Most of them in Congress!

  • Tony Bell
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:30 pm 0Likes

    More of the twisted right is wrong and wrong is right thinking. They don’t even realize they are destroying the credibility and thereby the value of the very awards they so revere. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • jhogg
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:32 pm 0Likes


  • george
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:33 pm 0Likes

    does she remember anything, oh right , she remembers drinking beer.

  • Al
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:34 pm 0Likes

    JFK would turn over in his grave…

  • Brenda
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:34 pm 0Likes

    I swear that just about everyone is losing their mind.

  • george
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:34 pm 0Likes

    she needs to be put in a straight jacket.

  • Vic Anderson
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:34 pm 0Likes

    Profile In P0RRIDGE, mebbe !

  • Dante Hennings
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:34 pm 0Likes

    If moral fiber was akin to dietary fiber the house and the Senate on both sides the aisle would be chronicly constipated….

  • John Centonze
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

    What a travesty!

  • george
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

    is she back, who released her ? palosi.

  • Al
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

    John F Kennedy wouldn’t recognize his party in today’s world

  • Sandra Kirk
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

    What bull shit!!! The only “award” this liar should have is “proven liar of the decade” #!!!!!

  • george
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:35 pm 0Likes

    is she back, who released her ? palosi.

    not a duplicate, please post

  • Pixzer
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:38 pm 0Likes

    Speier needs to get her feminist head out of the sand! Blakey Ford is the nations number one LIAR! The only award she deserves is the “Liar’s Club Award”!

  • Dan
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:38 pm 0Likes

    A sad day when a lying POS who lied and
    used her little girl voice to attempt to destroy
    Justice Kavanaugh is nominated for an
    award of this magnitude.
    Equally sad that an idiot liberal would feel
    so moved as to make the nomination. How
    about nominating the mothers of those who
    had loved ones murdered by illegals and who
    have shown the supreme sacrifice….and whose
    pain will never end.
    A much better choice than old LYING FORD.

  • Sharron C Beaty
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:38 pm 0Likes

    she never had credibility no proof this is disgusting but typical of leftist dems

  • John T Koszalka
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:39 pm 0Likes

    What a load of crap. This is a blantant liar receiving an award for her very poor performance set up by the other liar Feinstein who should be locked up.

  • Stuart Siglain
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:39 pm 0Likes

    Yes, you are right. It is a dark day for America when a lowlife like Ford can be nominated for anything.

  • Linda Dunham
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:40 pm 0Likes

    What a disgrace! We have so many people who deserve this, but not her!!

  • Brenda
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:41 pm 0Likes

    That woman is such a disgrace !

  • PG
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:41 pm 0Likes

    To top it off she went on ‘gofundme” and got over $700,000. Wow, you can lie and people will send you money. Sad isn’t it.

  • Dawn
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:42 pm 0Likes

    I am totally disgusted with this and if she does get nominated I hope someone knocks her down cuz that’s a disgrace she completely lied the whole thing was fabricated and this award needs to go to someone who really deserves it and she is NOT the one. TOTAL DISGRACE !!!! Christine Ford belongs in prison !!!

  • Linda
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:42 pm 0Likes

    Really!! A horrible liar is bad enough! But to lie about something that decent women have actually been through! by some pig!! It makes you question just about every women that now claims the same thing, sadly. She should be in prison for that horrible lie. You don’t ever lie about rape. EVER!

  • Dale
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:44 pm 0Likes

    I have never understood why no one asked her why, as a 15 year old, she was UPSTAIRS, alone with two upper classmen, while a party was on downstairs. Further, no one seemed to be interested in why she had a swimsuit on under her clothes if this was not a pool party. Just wondering.

  • Navy PO2
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:45 pm 0Likes

    She’s a damned liar. Just like her Democrat friends!

  • Navy PO2
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:47 pm 0Likes

    She’s a liar. Just like her Demoncrat friends!

  • Carlos Godinho
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:47 pm 0Likes

    She looks like a T Rex with a wig!

  • Curtis Brimeyer
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:47 pm 0Likes

    I told a lie once….and I drink and tried pot once. Can I get my nomination for a Nobel prize???

  • tommyboy
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:48 pm 0Likes

    I hope she is not somebodies mother inl law

  • Brian McDonald
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:48 pm 0Likes

    An abomination, a liar, she’s not even smart enough to realize she was the Dems puppet. What an insult to the award and President Kennedy who wrote the Pulitzer winner describing he and his group of men’s survival after being hit by a Japanese destroyer. To compare this woman and he charade to the courage those men showed makes me sick to my stomach. I can think of some women who deserve that award but she is NOT a minute possibility. The Democratic Politicians have stooped to an all time low.

  • hadenuf
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:49 pm 0Likes

    I never believed her at all. and I believe she was a willing “tool” for the democrats to use to keep Kavanaugh off the court. I also believe Feinstein should be charged with something, at least a hefty ethics charge, due to her behavior during this lying episode. It was obvious to me that she withheld evidence from the committee until the very last minute, as to Ford’s letter, which I believe, was written to provide what they thought would be “evidence” as to her claim. She had lawyers, recommended to her from what I read, by Feinstein, and were well known to be democrat operatives from way back. What this man, Kavanaugh, was put through, was nothing but “criminal” to me. And the politicians, paid by US, that were involved in this deception and cruelty, deserve punishment, IMO.

  • Allan hedberg
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:49 pm 0Likes

    A disgrace to the field of psychology. What is the APA doing to assess her ethics?

  • Stan Lee
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:50 pm 0Likes

    She played upon the emotions of a great number of sympathetic people, only to emerge from her acting career as a Bona Fide political operator who actually convinced the public, due to a MSM opportunity to itself, conducted investigation that it could feed upon, a practically successful, vicious, character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh, whose only real “crime” was that he was nominated to be a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Oh yes, and then there was the inference that Brett Kavanaugh was a notorious beer-drinking college fellow while a student in posh private schools. Blasey, by the way, also attended posh private schools and she even exposed those student parties in that sort of academia. After all of her allegations, and revealing her cluttered mind, tall stories specifically in complaint of Kavanaugh, and who had witnessed his male aggressiveness, plus Blasey’s naming of friends who witnessed Kavanaugh’s conduct which she had sworn was totally truthful, not a witness stepped forward to support what she had sworn was true. It could have ruined the man’s sterling judicial career. The truth be told, Kavanaugh was a Trump choice for the SCOTUS, the Democrats feared and hated that idea. Obviously, Blasey “took one for the Party”, she turns out to be paranoid, a sad woman who is alone to herself. Sadly, where are those “very close” friends of hers? Nowhere to be found. The DNC really picked a “winner” to attempt ruining Brett Kavanaugh as a SCOTUS Justice.

  • Woodie thompson
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:50 pm 0Likes

    This says way more about spier than it does about Ford. Sure makes a body wonder about the way some people think

    Posted January 31, 2019 8:51 pm 0Likes

    What I thought STORMY was a shu in 4 that award.She needs it more since her sleeziod lawyer ripped her off 4 her “pillow money”.

    • Baylee
      Posted January 31, 2019 10:42 pm 0Likes

      Which one? the crazed looking dark headed woman?

  • Tom
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:51 pm 0Likes

    What is doing? Getting ready to accuse the NEXT Supreme Court candidate of attempted rape?

  • Woodie thompson
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:51 pm 0Likes

    Comment awaiting g moderation? What does that mean exactly?

  • Bill
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:52 pm 0Likes

    Everything that is logical is now illogical, up is down, right is now wrong, evil is now good and accepted, abortion now applies to living babies that have not earned the rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. What is lawfully yours is now owned by the state, you are guilty until proven innocent. Manufactured evidense is now equal to absolute evidence. I hate the disgusting Marxist progressive demokratists with a passion beyond my belief.

  • Denny
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:52 pm 0Likes

    Anyone can say anything and make it sound so good and logical even if it is a total lie. There are a number of slander laws that could, should be, called on . These liars need to pay some consequences. Trump needs to sue some of these blatant liars so do many other people.

  • Matt
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:54 pm 0Likes

    The moral depths more and more dems go to attract votes is clearly getting worse now by the day. Voter support any way you can get it, no matter the shame it brings to the individual, or the democratic party. Clearly more my party before country action.

  • james h Towers
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:56 pm 0Likes

    That’s a slap in the face of our late President to have a lair in his house how dare her. She slander one person and gets paid a nice penny and now going forward for an award that’s just stinks to high heaven

  • Mary
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:56 pm 0Likes

    President Kennedy, is probably turning in his grave, watching the Democrats destroy our American values!!!

  • Jesse
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:58 pm 0Likes

    This is a classic example of what the Democrats do to make themselves look better in their own eyes. It’s so obviously stupid but it doesn’t stop them from doing it. Please try to see what your representatives do to confuse any subject they don’t agree with. You must become smarter interpreters of the fake news democrats. Otherwise you won’t like what happens to our country. It will be your fault.

  • hadenuf
    Posted January 31, 2019 8:59 pm 0Likes

    I never believed this woman. I believe her to be a “tool” for the democrat party. Too much of her story didn’t add up. I also believe Feinstein to be very corrupt, at least in this matter. Anybody who could put another human being, who was innocent, and they KNEW it, IMO, and sit there and watch him tortured, does not deserve our tax dollars in pay, or deserve to be in the congress. Where’s their honesty, or do they even know what the word means? Feinstein recommended the democrat operative lawyers, and even Ford, was known for her politics, and IMO, was a willing participant in the ruse. Too much of Ford’s testimony was debunked, and Feinstein withheld “evidence” from the rest of the committee, until the very last. IMO, she doesn’t deserve to be in congress, but deserves at least a hefty ethics charge. IMO, this story was put into motion long ago, because they didn’t want another conservative on the Court. It was fine with them to have our courts loaded with liberals (9th circuit, for one, but there’s others) and I hope the republicans will finally realize that handling matters like this with kid gloves, gets you nothing but a bunch of lies and subterfuge. IMO, the media and most of the democrats on that committee, if they have a conscience, have a lot of soul searching to do (Coons, are you listening)? The MSM and democrats, will see that this woman gets all the awards she can, deserved or not, much like the Nobel. We realized it really means nothing.

  • Joe Benots
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:00 pm 0Likes

    Dr. Ford was never asked the million dollar question as to who would have normally driven her to/from the country club where she went swimming during the summer in question. If she heard of the alleged party at the last minute then did she or did she not communicate to the person that would normally have picked her up not to come get her at the country club. Who would this person have been…..father, mother, older sibling? This person should be asked whether s/he was told not to pick her up that day.

    Inexplicably Dr. Ford was never asked who this person might have been and would they remember being told not to pick her up on that day of the alleged party!

  • Grammysam
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:02 pm 0Likes

    This woman should get at least 10 years in prison for her false accusations! Women who falsely accuse men of sexual harrassment should be punished!

  • Fran
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:13 pm 0Likes

    They’re both bullshitters and both from the same State.
    This Jackie Speier is an idiot cause Christine Blasey the Actress is a liar. What she is maybe is just that. An actress/liar.

  • William Fullerton
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:17 pm 0Likes

    The article says, “She has sacrificed so much …” . I ask, what has she sacrificed? Not time, nor reputation, or money. As a matter-of-fact she made money … two GoFundMe accounts (or similar accounts) totaling damn near $900,000!
    So, what has she sacrificed? Kavanaugh’s reputation? Yes, but not her own!

  • Timothy Yorgan
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:18 pm 0Likes

    Remember what Ford said when questioned at the Kavanaugh hearings? “I was too traumatized.” “I was too traumatized to remember…all I remember is he did it”, is that whom we’re to grant power? I don’t think I’d have her do any legislating, teaching or hold any power until this deep trauma, which “derailed her life”, has been resolved. She lead a perfectly fine life for 36 + years until a political enemy (Trump) appointed the son (Brett Kavanaugh) of a female judge (Brett’s’ mother), who decided against Fords parents in a real property case some years ago, then that trauma surfaced. Who draws the line between, I was so traumatized, my mind has blocked it, as opposed to, I was so traumatized I’ll never forget it…evidently democrats who want to run for office. Now she’s needed as another democratic lackey so she’s become a real pillar of society…right? This is the typical democratic, in your face politics, in that, you take someone who’s been discredited and give them power, in a way proving that she was right and mistreated, thus should be rewarded for her unfair treatment. They’ve got name recognition and a sympathy vote from every feminist in the country, but it will only work if the electorate remains galactically stupid.

  • rich kenny
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:19 pm 0Likes

    It is disgusting to give this bitch any award… OK maybe for lying!!… I want to say, give this lying bitch her JUST desserts and put her to bed… (like she’s familiar with that kind of action)…Don’t want to hear her disgusting name again…… thanx….. rich…. IN GOD WE TRUST

  • ANA
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:20 pm 0Likes


  • Chuck
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:22 pm 0Likes

    Make a false allegation, receive an award. Wow, the Left train is completely derailed anymore. Speier’s an idiot. There’s still time though for common sense to shed light on this fool’s errand. Just because you’re nominated, DOES NOT automatically award you the medal. Hopefully, the selection committee will agree, that the best thing they can do is bury Ford’s name in the new edition of “Famous Democrat Blunders That Blew Up In Their Faces,” or “Looney Liberal Lies That Bit Them In The Ass.”

  • Jan
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:23 pm 0Likes

    So now Blasey Ford has company in the crazy lady hall of fame. Only a congresswoman from CA could make such a ridiculous suggestion.

  • Carl
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:25 pm 0Likes

    It’s all become a joke. Awards mean very little nowadays.

  • Mo
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:27 pm 0Likes

    This is disgusting and at the same time hysterical that a woman whose claim to fame is that she tried to help the Democrat Party that she fully and radically supports keep a decent man who has never ever had any credible, even slight, insinuations of sexual harassment said against him until this non-credible female thinks she can help her radical Democrats destroy this man’s chances to be on the SCOTUS and also try to destroy his and his family’s life. And all the usual radical feminists applaud her in Hollywood and in politics to make the false accusations stick. The Democratic Party is pitiful. The actually do nothing constructive. They spend their well paid days scheming against this POTUS, trying to create destructive environments for the legal citizens of this Nation while kissing the ar s e s of their elitist billionaire and millionaire donors and corporation donors at our expense. The DNC is just another mafia that needs to be taken down, disassembled and many of their members thrown in jail. This woman also made a ton of $$ on the internet in Go Fund Me. She’s just a radical leftist crook.

  • David Swann
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:33 pm 0Likes

    leave it to liberals to water down what should be a meaningful acknowledgement. Just like they want to ignore or rewrite history, it is to further their “agendas.” Rather than comport themselves and their minions with honest thinking, they persist in the deterioration of decency. The mantra is how crude the President is, and then they act and speak and write with viciousness and boorishness. Double standard is their base of behavior, much like Junior High students – petty and distracted.

  • Don Cook
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:34 pm 0Likes

    She should start one of those weight loss companies. Everytime you start to eat something you just look at her face on the product. You are guaranteed to lose your appetite. She is friggin hideous looking. That’s how we know that Kavanaugh never got near her. Even a drunk has more class that to be seen with her.

  • Ron
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:34 pm 0Likes

    Christine Blasey Ford, is a right out HABITUAL LIAR.. And the only thing she serves is a Straight Jacket and a PATTED ROOM ! The day after finished
    her LYING in front of CONGRESS they should have put her in a Straight Jacket and COMMITTED her to the Nearest MENTAL INSTITUTION.. She
    doesn’t deserve an AWARD for out right to CONGRESS and the AMERICAN
    PUBLIC ! And Rep. Jackie Speirer should be put in PRISON for this kind

  • John William Sherwood
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:45 pm 0Likes

    I think she should be nominated for liar of the year!!!!

  • roxanne
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:51 pm 0Likes

    Maybe she was paid VERY well for that act

  • The Redhawk
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:53 pm 0Likes

    Dr FRAUD is hoping that Dianne Freakenstain, Daffy Durbin, Kamala the CAhore, FARTACUS, Danang Dick and KOMRADS will Expose her again and Start another “FUND FOR LIES” multi dollar effort

  • ae from bklyn
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:55 pm 0Likes

    You belittle an attached woman, but support a pig president who most famous line is when you are famous you can grap pussy. SHUT UP. you people are so blind to the destruction this man has done to our country, woman, heterosexuals, homosexuals, latinos, muslims, jew. you think he is smart, after a five week shut down did you notice he is the worst negotiator ever? He is fat, stupid, gets news not from our intelligence agencies but fox and friends. PLEASE. Maybe you get your news there too, but they dont have news, just BS spin of lies.

  • Flying Gabriel
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:55 pm 0Likes

    These awards don’t validate the scurrilous.
    The scurrilous invalidate the award.

  • Norm Eneim
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:00 pm 0Likes

    JFK’s book actually reported on political folks who took the hard road to truth. Many vilified by their contemporaries but hung in for the cause of truth.
    For the past months I was thinking if JFK was alive today whom would he pick for another chapter in his great book? Then I thought of the second most vilified president in American history, Donald Trump. Running a close second to the greatest and most vilified president of all, Abraham Lincoln.
    Thank you for your steadfast bravery President Trump.

  • Patrick
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:01 pm 0Likes

    This should go to president Trump the courage that he has maintained after a clear cut witch hunt trying to indict and or jail a sitting president for protecting the constitution the USA and our way of life from foreign and domestic enemies within government is astounding! that’s a true American hero people.

  • Tom
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:04 pm 0Likes

    Ms. Ford should receive an Academy Award…..Best Performance By A Actress.

  • John M
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:11 pm 0Likes

    Wasn’t bad enough that she slithered out from under a rock several months ago to make a circus of a Supreme Court nominee.

    I thought she was being investigated for “truth stretching”.

    To steal and paraphrase another group’s chant. “No justice, no country”

  • Mark
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:14 pm 0Likes

    She also did not volunteer telling those in power over this that she did NOT want to go public but those in power decided to push & force her into it(a hint as to their integrity).

    Posted January 31, 2019 10:15 pm 0Likes


  • Josey Wales
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:17 pm 0Likes

    This is almost as funny as Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Award for absolutely nothing!!

  • Jerry Hughes
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:17 pm 0Likes

    We are where we have been for 50 year, we can no longer coexist with the liberal garbage, there is only one answer to dealing with them.
    We should do it now while we have a president that will keep the military in their bases while we resolve the liberal problem once and for all.

  • Paul Basherian
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:20 pm 0Likes

    Talk about “one piece of California S..t”, giving another “California piece of S..t” an award for lying to congress is unbelievable. better to let California to slip into the ocean, than try to save it. lets have the west coast start in Nevada and Utah, Oregon and Washington. American needs a facelift. MAGA!

  • Vernon
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:21 pm 0Likes

    Its a sad day for America when a representative of our government nominates
    Christine Blasey Ford as a hero. To make accusations deemed to be false is lying.
    The real hero is Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He had to endure hours of
    obnoxious questions by liberal DemocRATS trying to demean him while praising Ford
    about unproven accusations. If Rep. Jackie Speier is unable to make sound judgments
    she should seriously think of retiring because this is a bad one.

  • Nick
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:32 pm 0Likes

    Ford is a whining communist bitch, plain and simple. And as such, she of course is a professional LIAR.

  • Robert Philippi
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:54 pm 0Likes

    Going to nominate a “liar” for a prestigious Profiles in Courage Award. I guess you might say that she had the courage to “lie” to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Judge Kavanaugh.

  • Ann Gillespie
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:56 pm 0Likes

    We’re “Upside down” nominating a LIAR for the J.F.K. award! Never believed C.B.Ford. 🙁

  • Bj
    Posted January 31, 2019 10:57 pm 0Likes

    Someone should put these two strumpets out if their misery

  • JC
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:02 pm 0Likes

    This is a sham on California Democrats! This witch needs her ass kicked not awarded. Sounds like her name is coming up so dumb Democrats can try to impeach Kavanaugh. The nation is not that stupid. The Democrats are. They need to take their impeachment jerks and send them home. They have no place in Congress.

  • bobbie
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:03 pm 0Likes

    Hey Aholes read the fine print get a GRIP

  • brad
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:07 pm 0Likes

    I cant even believe that she would be nominated for any award at all unless it was the “Total Shame Award”! I still think she should face charges for her lies. That’s the only way these types of claims will ever be thwarted.

  • Joe Flo
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:28 pm 0Likes

    Why would any girl go to a party 10 times where they drug and rape girls???
    The only thing that comes to mind is that she is a slut and she liked it.
    She should be arrested for not reporting it because under the law that makes her an accessory.

  • Mr. Tim
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:30 pm 0Likes

    Well America, this is your lying, cheating, anti-religion, anti-military, anti-American, pro abortion (up to seconds before birth), pro-open borders, pro-sanctuary cities for illegal alien criminals, etc. I could go on and on but those with an IQ over 70 should get the message that the Democratic party is steering America and any organization it touches straight to hell.

  • Jim S.
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:49 pm 0Likes

    Hate to say this BUT. This chick has had her face worked over by one too many 2×4’s.

  • Geoffrey House
    Posted January 31, 2019 11:58 pm 0Likes

    she should be in jail for false statements — she’s a wanna be famous slut

  • Ride
    Posted February 1, 2019 12:08 am 0Likes

    Everyone should get a participation award

  • Leslie M Bryant
    Posted February 1, 2019 12:18 am 0Likes

    The John F. Kennedy Award in Courage will be absolutely meaningless, if it is given to a blatant liar, Blasey Ford, for the sake of Democrat Party politics! It will no longer be prestigious or a real honor. Let’s honor President Kennedy’s memory, not dishonor it, by giving it to those who are truly deserving! The Nobel Peace Prize already holds no value or meaning because it was given to Barrack Obama, as part of European politics against President George W. Bush; Obama had done nothing, absolutely nothing in his life to warrant that award while many scientists, artists and others devote their lives to service and research.

  • Shirley Bard
    Posted February 1, 2019 12:53 am 0Likes

    It would only take one successful libel suit to take the profit out
    of the lies. Perry Mason to the rescue…
    Demos deserve HUGE credit for keeping one undeniable Demo
    campaign promise:
    Demos promised to interfere with/obstruct our president. Gotta give
    them credit. They are working overtime to accomplish that. And
    Republicans are gutless wonders aiding and abetting by doing nothing.
    Our enemies WORLDWIDE are just watching and waiting.
    I was raised in a family of Democrats. NO MORE!!!! They are
    just inviting the end of America as our founders envisioned.
    Since I am now an Independent, I have a new appreciation for Starbucks.

  • Don
    Posted February 1, 2019 1:38 am 0Likes

    I think Blaisey fords failure dumped the Me-Too movement. Didnt they change their name to Violet something. Not only did she make a jackass of herself but the whole idea was toi delay the supreme court nomination until the Nov 18 elections were over. It made no difference. The senate is s till republican.
    Cavanaugh would have been nominated anyway. T

  • Sarah
    Posted February 1, 2019 1:57 am 0Likes

    Anyone with an ounce of brains know this woman lied from beginning to end of her story. Nothing could she prove then,now or ever because it did not happen. Not only by her testimony but her witnesess could not prove her testimony the democrates are not truthful with any information they add false narrative to everything.

  • Gail
    Posted February 1, 2019 2:06 am 0Likes

    How sickening! Why not nominate a pervert because he stopped at 10 kids. They’re both just as stupid! She needs to crawl back under her rock.

  • Mike
    Posted February 1, 2019 2:08 am 0Likes

    You are such stupid ignorant people.

  • Robert Zraick
    Posted February 1, 2019 2:20 am 0Likes

    I am not all that religious, but all I can say is Jesus!

  • Barbro Karlsson-Bradley
    Posted February 1, 2019 2:34 am 0Likes

    This award is so bogus. This woman, is nothing but a charlatan and her heart
    is filled with hate
    She should be in prison for fraud. I guess it is safe to assume she is not even ashamed of herself,
    but she should be.

  • J.A.B.
    Posted February 1, 2019 2:42 am 0Likes

    This is another joke that liberals are attempting to do~~~ just like when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize…..FOR WHAT???? Ford is a paid liar who many females have put on a pedestal for NO reason. They are desperate for a star to be born in the liberal party!!! Most of the liberal females are loony tunes….check them out….you’ll see that I’m right!!!!

  • Tosh
    Posted February 1, 2019 3:11 am 0Likes

    Agree with all the above comments.
    I am a woman, didn’t believe her.

  • Mike
    Posted February 1, 2019 3:43 am 0Likes

    Witches have power but the the truth sits on the supreme court , Ford , and democrats deserve each other Awards really don’t need anything anymore anyway 🦋

  • Mika
    Posted February 1, 2019 3:45 am 0Likes

    Truth sits on the Supreme court

  • Monkey
    Posted February 1, 2019 4:32 am 0Likes

    The lying and totally PAID FOR homely ugly duckling enjoyed being the center of attention for the first time in her life… went away as quick as it came………….she is nothing again………….so maybe some award will make her feel better.

  • Jimmie chesser
    Posted February 1, 2019 4:41 am 0Likes

    That woman is nothing but a liar just like all Democrats. And Dianne fienstien should be s.ashamed of herself she like the democrooks should just die I am sick of what America has turned in too. And can’t turn to the FBI cause they have been bought and paid for by the democraps.

  • Rickster
    Posted February 1, 2019 4:47 am 0Likes

    You got to be kidding! Only award she needs is a coo coo award! You know dam well she was paid to say that and theres no truth to anything she said! Shes a spoiled brat and had google interns working in her house when all this started! If was all false made up crap, to discredit kavanah for supreme court!! You gonna award this worthless syco for lying and makinng up stories! Sounds like something a democrap would do!! She should be in jail for wasting everyones time and tax payer money!! Making fraudulent accusations against a judge and put him thru hell!! Give her a jackass award you idiots!! Shes a psychologist that teaches that crap in class,how to make people believe in something by imagining it!! Nuts!

  • Shelba
    Posted February 1, 2019 5:26 am 0Likes

    Guess the more you lie and defend the lie the more the leftist like it and venerate you,

  • jim markovitz
    Posted February 1, 2019 5:39 am 0Likes

    this woman needs to be commited she is sick

    • jim markovitz
      Posted February 1, 2019 5:39 am 0Likes


  • madmemere
    Posted February 1, 2019 5:46 am 0Likes

    I still believe Justice Kavanaugh should sue her for defamation, libel and anything else that might apply.

    • Timothy
      Posted February 2, 2019 4:02 am 0Likes

      impersonating a woman ? Being an educated idiot ? Being a tool for a fools ?

  • Barbara Petit
    Posted February 1, 2019 5:51 am 0Likes

    It just gets worse and worse! God help us!

  • Strider
    Posted February 1, 2019 12:42 pm 0Likes

    This woman will not give up her 15 minutes of infamy, just like all libitards.

  • anna patti
    Posted February 1, 2019 1:59 pm 0Likes

    cut me a break. what bullcrap. Award for lying?

  • Jewel curry
    Posted February 1, 2019 3:34 pm 0Likes

    This lying prostitute drunk doesnt deserve an award. She deserves jail and Judge Kavanaugh deserves the courage award.

  • James Barnard
    Posted February 1, 2019 3:49 pm 0Likes

    Christine “bla·sé” Ford is an opportunist that lost all credibility when she could prove nothing (even by the ones she said knew.) It would truly be a very sad day (once again) should she be catapulted back into the “spotlight” for another “15 minutes of fame.”

  • Varmint
    Posted February 1, 2019 4:46 pm 0Likes

    You’ve got to be shittin me! One slut recognizing another, great example of how the demoncrats have lost their way!

  • Marty Zima
    Posted February 1, 2019 6:45 pm 0Likes

    Sounds a lot like Obama receiving the Nobel prize for Peace before doing anything, and then having the Nobel committee admitting their mistake. Except here the DEM’s are doubling down on their lies to perpetuate and support their baseless investigations against a sitting Supreme Court Judge.

  • Don Skylar
    Posted February 1, 2019 7:06 pm 0Likes

    Maybe I need to invent some headline-grabbing personal past events, (or maybe there’s already enough) to qualify me for an award of some kind.

  • Rene
    Posted February 2, 2019 5:46 pm 0Likes

    What a crock of BS. Such a shame!
    Blaise and her crook lawyers should be sent to prison!

  • Sharon
    Posted February 2, 2019 9:15 pm 0Likes

    She’s a lying liberal Professor, that got paid one million dollars to get up there and lie. She’s a liberal advacate that stands for Rove Wade. He destroyed a good man’s name and his family’s with her pathetic lies. And can’t wait for karma to pay her a visit.

  • James Kearney
    Posted February 3, 2019 2:34 pm 0Likes


  • Todd
    Posted March 19, 2019 10:02 pm 0Likes

    I want to know how a woman who lied the whole time she was on the stand and now your still addressing her as “Dr” when it was proven by the people in charge of the college stated she had NO NO NO doctor degree. WTF is wrong with these lieing bull shitting democrates … Why are there no people getting arrested when they make these statements

    Posted June 24, 2019 3:38 pm 0Likes

    Hope she knows if this happens death threats will more the triple since this will be reopening old wounds. Im sure she is terrified of getting this award. At this time when all the Dems scams are coming out, this might just be the straw that breaks the camels back.

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