Big Name 2020 Democrat Makes A Stunning Concession

This was bound to happen…

2020 Presidential Democrat candidate Julian Castro has decided that the road to the presidency is too harsh and has dropped out. His failing campaign and struggle to “achieve a breakthrough in the polls” has caused him to lose all hope and end his bid on presidency. 

Today, it’s with a heavy heart and profound gratitude that I will suspend my campaign for president. I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together. I’m going to keep fighting for an America where everyone counts—I hope you’ll join me in that fight.”

Castro “ran an overtly progressive campaign” however it was masked by the campaigns of his rivals Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg. Knowing that he needed to hit the top people to get recognition, he decided to tell Biden, “I’m fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama, and you’re not.” 

Nothing worked for him, and therefore he has decided to drop out and crawl back to his home in Texas. Read the rest of his pitiful story here.

Image Credit: USA Today

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  • Sam
    Posted January 2, 2020 6:22 pm 0Likes


    • Franco
      Posted January 2, 2020 9:10 pm 0Likes

      He had (13) CHOLOS ready to vote for him
      for a small fee!!!!

  • Doris Frazier
    Posted January 2, 2020 6:49 pm 0Likes

    Never thought he would make it anyway. Yank will be next most likely. More dirt comes out on Biden he’ll be out too. Think Warren is in trouble with all her lies.

  • JoeyP
    Posted January 2, 2020 7:28 pm 0Likes

    Uhhh . . .What accomplishments? Do SAY! I’m waiting for . . . crickets? It looks like he wised up and QUIT wasting his CLIENTS’ money. The Democrats’ Presidential campaign is a lost cause – a VERY LOST cause. NOBOBY wants it and NONE of the Democrats are POTUS material (unless, of course, you consider Communist/Socialist ideals a “cause”). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  • GomeznSA
    Posted January 2, 2020 7:47 pm 0Likes

    Way past time, now maybe his twin will actually do his job instead of spending all of his time and efforts pandering for him.

  • Ken
    Posted January 2, 2020 11:04 pm 0Likes

    They could all drop out tomorrow and I don’t think anyone but the press would notice. The press are the only ones who think any of them have a snowballs chance in hell.

  • joeyP
    Posted January 15, 2021 7:22 pm 0Likes

    If you have no SUSTANCE . . . you have NOTHING to OFFER. That’s why the colossal FAILURE (or MASSIVE FRAUD and CHEATING in “Beijing” joe Biden’s case). One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA.

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