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BREAKING: Trump Releases SHOCKING Statement

Here’s what he said…

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Maxine Waters PAYS For Her Mistake

She’s in hot water now!

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Biden Makes HUMILIATING Comment On Live Air

If Trump had said this, there would be outrage.

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Democrats BLOCK Americans From THIS

This should not be allowed…

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Democrat KNOCKS Some Sense Into Own Party

The Democrats have lost their minds.

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Delusional Pelosi Calls Herself WHAT?

Was she drunk when she said this?

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Liberal Host Calls For ABOLISHING What?

He wants the violence to continue unchecked.

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Prominent RINO SLAMS Trump On CNN

Why doesn’t he join the liberals at this point? According to Breitbart News, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich claimed that former President Donald Trump’s “ugly” name-calling will shrink…