AOC Slammed Threatening Americans

This woman is very dangerous.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked Americans when she threatened to make a list of everyone who supported President Trump and archive them for “future reference”.

According to the Washington Examiner, Conservative leaders immediately went after AOC for her outrageous comments.

Radio host Mark Levin fired back at AOC and stated, “Commie b*stard wants to create an enemies list”.

Catalina Lauf responded, “is that a threat? Like when your Marxist fantasy comes true and you try to throw us in jail for having an opinion? Give me a break.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  • Angelika Griffin
    Posted November 7, 2020 8:57 pm 0Likes

    America…B E W A R E…..!!

  • Denise
    Posted November 7, 2020 9:42 pm 0Likes

    YOU AOC and the democrat party you have started a war. WE AMERICANS are so tired of your garbage. We will fight you, AOC, to our death bitch. We despise all of you for what you did and are still trying to do to our country. How dare you AOC think your opinion matters. It doesn’t. You will go down with the evil commie democrat party. God help us to save America from these evil creatures of the Democrat party. They are the problem.

  • JoeyP
    Posted November 8, 2020 1:00 am 0Likes

    Go RIGHT ON AHEAD! . . . I am a TRUMP supporter, and I DON’T give a RAT’S PATOOT what you do. I AM protected by the LORD THY GOD and WOE to anyone who does him (or me) HARM. One Defiant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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