Angry Liberal Loses His MIND On Air

Their ratings must be dying.

Recently on MSNBC, contributor and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Jr. slammed Republicans even though Democrats currently maintain majority power in the US.

According to Breitbart, Glaude stated, “I want us to understand is that Trumpism, Trump isn’t the problem. He’s just simply accelerated it, intensified it. Right? What we’re facing in this moment, I believe, are the new Redeemers. That was that political coalition in the aftermath of the Civil War, who organized in order to seize political power and enforce white supremacy.”

Adding, “So, we can talk about the conspiracy theorists and the white nationalists. What we have is a Republican Party that is, in fact, the new Redeemers. That’s who they are. They are defending an idea of America that presumes that people like me, people who hold views that are different than them, do not belong here. They are willing to kill in the name of it—at least some among them. Then you have people in leadership who are willing to defend them. So, we have to be honest in our descriptions. As I said way back when, this is us. This is us. We have to admit it and stop Trump gazing. Understand that Trump didn’t deform the Republican Party. The Republican Party vomited up Donald Trump. They’re one and the same in interesting sorts of ways.”

You can watch a clip of Glaude’s comments here.

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